Sims 4 Celebrity CAS Lady Gaga from Paparazzi to Star is Born (+CC list)

Sims 4 Celebrity CAS Lady Gaga from Paparazzi to Star is Born (+CC list)

I’m Kat, welcome to my channel. Today, I am going to be filling a request. This was actually a request about two and
a half weeks ago. And, I apologize, I forgot to write your name
down. I feel really, really bad. And I decided yeah I am going to make Lady
Gaga, She has a really difficult face, its kind of like Cher and who that other one? That did Star is..Barbara Streisand. Yeah, that was her name, I guess it’s kind
of the like nose contour. So, anyways, I started, The jawline came pretty
easy for me. I didn’t, it was really hard for me to decide
on like I skin tone because her skin tone varies. Like when she started out in Paparazzi she
very well tanned and, of course as her songs go on she does not sport that huge tan anymore. I found that I had to take her eyes higher
up because she got very high eyes, her eyes are actually higher than her ears and I think
that is might be what gives her the illusion of having such a large nose. And her teeth. Yeah and I actually used Get Together for
her. And she has tattoos She has a lot of tattoos
she sports many many. Now for her traits, she is a musical genius
and she is creative. And of course, Let;’s see what else. Dance machine for sure, and ah what last trait? Ah, a music lover. Yeah, that makes sense right? And her clothes, The first one I did was Star
is Born, and then, of course, Paparazzi, and then after that, this is the tip of the hat
to her latest sort of style, and course Egyptian style, right, we all remember that? And that was from her album Joanne remember
that part, This is her new sort of star is born thing. Oh and this is her sports outfit, in pink
because she is an antibullying activist. And, I couldn’t resist..{laughing} I couldn’t
resist! And, yeah, this is her Vogue shoot that she
just recently did. And yeah, her red hair, remember that? She did all her red hair and, of course, we
are going back to the past now. Blast to past, yeah I like that outfit, oh,
back to the Egyptian style, all the CC can be found at the TSR. To the CC makers, I just want to say thank
you, thank you very much, you guys ROCK! You guys make our art, because without you,
oh yeah, we would be making things like this. And now we make things like this:) And there she is in Star is Born. And now let’s take a look at her what she
looks like in the game, okay I think she doesn’t look too bad. She is defiantly not my best sim. But I worked really hard on her, her face
took many many transitions. And like I said if you try to make her make
sure you raise her eyes, make them quite high. Make sure to like share and subscribe, and
click that bell notification so you miss anything. Stay Creative and thanks for watching.

18 thoughts on “Sims 4 Celebrity CAS Lady Gaga from Paparazzi to Star is Born (+CC list)”

  1. Oh, amazing Kat. Another fantastic recreating. True, she does have a face similar to Barbra Streisand, which I suppose can be difficult to copy. But really great job. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

  2. Its incredible, the many faces of Lady Gaga. From skin tones to hair color/hairstyles she looks so transformed from her Papparrazi look to Joanne to A Star is born. Each one an individual masterpiece in makeup and clothing styles. Fantastically clear editing shows us her many outfits in her many guises and your insight to her personality in traits. Thanks again for captioning this as I am deaf.

  3. She looks fantastic, you did a great job as always Kat. And the ccs you chose very well, I love that crazy Anto's Asia hair that obviously was inspired by Lady Gaga. Big hugs 😍

  4. Holy Llama Fluff Kat you did an amazing job on Lady GaGa with or without the CC! I love that I can DL her to own game without any of the CC and she is still going to look like Lady GaGa! Awesim video, awesim Sim! You are truly an artist!

  5. Lovely video! I like her songs a lot and I think you recreated her so well! I really liked this video, I don’t know how you can create celebrities as sims so well ☺️ her face you made from β€œa star is born” is my favourite ❀️

  6. hi, I have been really struggling with lady gaga's face for the past months, I need opinions, I think my sim could be close but idk i thought that about my past versions please let me know what you all think.

  7. Wow!!! It's Been AGES!!!!!!! I Would Of Never Ever Guessed This Was Your Channel My Old Friend………. Skydonn Sent Me Here We Had A Great Convo…… Your Still Doing AMAZING Celeb Look A Like's … !!!! Best To You!!!!! Darling XOX Tonya Hope You Remember Me Lady!!!!! πŸ˜€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜€πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

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