Sneaker Shops in Singapore Bahasa Indonesia (English Subs)

Sneaker Shops in Singapore Bahasa Indonesia (English Subs)

ok guys back again with me Dennis from Common Habits today i want to share some sneaker shops in Singapore ok let get to it first we have limited edition underground this store is located in Somerset 313 building, if im not mistaken on level 2 the store is quite spacious, nice vibe and also bright it is designed almost like a vertical shaft with lots of lights sneakers collection is basic, they dont really have any rare sneakers here they have new balance collection puma, asics the place is easy to find, because its on orchard road at Somerset 313 building not far from this store, almost behind it you can find Limited Edition Outlet here you can find past season’s sneakers with the prices already slashed the store is quite big, almost like a warehouse they have some Jordans, puma and also some older adidas sneakers next one, also in the same building there is Limited Edition Vault basically its all under the same company “Limited Edition” they just have different names and the stock are also different this Limited Edition Vault is located one level above Limited Edition Underground. this store has some really nice sneakers the store vibe is quite luxurious and kind of dark i have bought a few pairs here myself, presto & huarache they have adidas porche design with boost in 2 different colorways stan smith primeknit boost superstar boost they also have these nike mayfly some airmax and this new one which can be found everywhere in Singapore, puma clyde other than those 3 branches Limited Edition have 1 more branch located in Marina Bay Sands it is called Limited Edition Chamber the store is spacious, clean and really bright good nike collection and these are leftover from the NMD release some pumas other than sneakers they also sell some clothing and they have this blue adidas lion next one we have Seek which also just opened at Pacific Place in Jakarta the one in Singapore is located on the basement level in Ion the store is quite spacious and has a sport/streetwear vibe to it they’ve got puma, asics, new balance some jordans and a lot of nikes they also sell some accessories, backpacks like herschel, nixon and some other brands the next one we have The Social Foot this one is located at Orchard Gateway on the ground floor the store is quite small here they have a lot of pumas, asics and reebok they also have some adidas and when i was there they just released the new adidas inikis next we have Leftfoot Leftfoot has 2 stores the first one is at Cineleisure Orchard the building is behind Mandarin Gallery building the store is very small but they have nice sneakers they have presto mid* air force one mid in maroon more puma clyde lots of adidas superstar lots of asics & pumas some new tubular dooms lots of sockdarts more primeknit tubulars across from this store they also have the Leftfoot Outlet store they sell past season’s sneakers with huge discounts the other Leftfoot branch is at Cathay this store is my personal favorite because the store is big, they have nice collection and the customer service is really good they have puma new asics prestos, tubular dooms and a lot of shoes for the girls more sockdarts, lots of huaraches and lots of new pumas other than those sneaker shops i also recommend you to go to the adidas originals store at Pacific Plaza this store is located across Grand Hyatt Hotel the store is not too big and they also just released the new adidas inikis at the time and they were preparing to release the new NMDs they have really nice apparels here i bought 1 tshirt here my other recommendation is Queensway Plaza i didnt go on the last holiday but i have been there before here you can find sneakers all over the whole ground floor of the building from sneakers, cleats, golf shoes you can find everything from lifestyle to sport shoes there you can also find apparels, jerseys, football equipments if you play football like myself and want to find socks, shinpads and football cleats i recommend you to go there to find everything you can do your own research for Queensway Plaza ok guys thats all about sneaker shops in Singapore please comment below if you have any questions and if you enjoyed this kind of content please also hit the like and subscribe button down below you can also follow my instagram @dennispondaag to see my daily uploads ok guys thank you for watching and see you on the next video

47 thoughts on “Sneaker Shops in Singapore Bahasa Indonesia (English Subs)”

  1. penyampaian nya enak 1 subs from me. btw kalo mau nge cop NMD R2 yg paling banyak stoknya sama harga agak miring dimana ya di spore bang ?

  2. My main question selama searching sneaker shop di singapore : apakah ada consignment shop di SG yg ngejual sepatu hype spt ultraboost nmd yeezy dan jordan yg limited di SG?

  3. penyampaiannya enak bang jadi enjoy nikmatin videonya. btw kalo harga di Limited edt outlet range harga dari berapa sampe berapa ya bang ? soalnya kan dia barang lama dan dapet diskon lagi..
    pls kasih tau nominalnya thank you bang

  4. Mantap koh reviewnya..
    Menurutku sneaker di singapore mahal2, kalo di malay lebih murah terutama di JD Sport dan Johor Preimum Outlet. Menurut koh dennis gimana? 😀

  5. Hello Dennis i am looking for Air Jordan 1 Low OG Pinnacle ‘Metallic Silver in Singapore do u know where i can get????

  6. Bang… lebih murah harga sepatu dimana?? Sg atau Indo..?? Cth spt sepatu ultraboost 4.0 bang…. Mohon di jawab Thx…..

  7. Siang bang kalau masalah harga’n buat sneakera di indo sama di singapur murah dimana y bang ? Makasih sebelumnya

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