26 thoughts on “Sound Apparel – Making End Of Heart Tale (Original Mix)”

  1. A truly mesmerising tune, a masterpiece in it`s own right, it`s uplifting, emotional, and most of all unforgettable, superb.

  2. que lindaa la musica trance ,, asta me aria llorar,, nose de que pero si lo haria, creo que me hace sentir que estoy en un paraiso ..

  3. i saw this on someone else video, and I had to come here to download it! i've never heard any melody like this in my life. GREAT FREAKING POST! 😀

  4. Oh My God, thats the most beautiful uplifting tune i've ever heard, probably.
    I was wondering, could You tell us, where do you get those awesome pics?

  5. @Timmi0A1 You have been busy haha, im happy you liked all those tunes, this one is especially beautiful, the breakdown is just out of this world, so dreamy, i wish more trance was like this, i have to listen to so much bad trance in order to find a gem like this one 🙂

  6. @MaartenAK84 Hello Maarten, This track proved a bit of a tricky one, do I cut the beginning or the end, I listened to a couple on you tube and they cut the end, but when I heard the end, it was fantastic !! and really ended the track on a high, its an uplifting part that is not to be missed 🙂

    Im glad you like the end as much as i do, perfect track as well, love listening to it !

  7. @HedionBlake2 Your Welcome !! I just enjoy sharing my favourite tracks, its great to know others like them too 🙂

  8. @alexx1925 Hi Alexx, thanks for the great comment ! I just wondered, what has happened to all your favourites on your channel?

  9. @1EeSoo Hi there, thanks for the quick response! Im happy you like it, took me a while to do the video too as its the longest tune I uploaded to date at 10 mins. Thanks for the comment 🙂

    I see you added it as a favourite too, thanks !

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