100 thoughts on “Special Adizero Yamamoto delivery to Nicki Bille”

  1. Jeg holder mig nu engang til min engelske accent, da det er sådan jeg taler – så falsk er det i alle fald ikke. Men tak, I guess…

    – Jakob, Unisport

  2. Unisport WebTV really know how to make videos. Their football product vids are probably the most entertaining on youtube.

  3. JOLTER AND JAKOB your reviews are excellent but
    you guys should talk less and test more and it's what who's like watching more football and less English

  4. Ja du e ikke som alle andre Nicki, når du knulle ei 15 år gammel Sofie Karlstad oppi Alta-området. Hæsjelige faen, skal sende inn et par bilde til VG nu, å skal du få et parr saftige overskrifte i nærmeste fremtid. Nigga

  5. Halløj Jacob.
    Elsker virkelig at se dig og Joltter lave videoer.
    Hver gang jeg ser jeres videoer, "Motiverer" det mig til at smutte ud og sparke til en bold!

    Christian. 😀

  6. Not going to happen anytime soon, I'm afraid. The Messi colourway is the same (well, apart from the leather finish on the upper) as the standard synthetic Adizero, so we're better focusing on something else. But, I'm sure we're going to review something to your liking soon anyway.. 😉
    – Jakob, Unisportstore

  7. Love the boats, I think the future of football boots will be in graphics, hopefully not the full concentration because fit and material is still very important.

  8. There really good all the boots that I've had are all plain a colour and a make and sometimes with a bit of detail or something like that

  9. Can you talk about the variety of football trousers like the Adidas Condivo line and the Nike Tech pants? I need a pair but don't know which ones to get!

  10. this guy reminds me a lot of the Manchester United Ronaldo; the hair, pretty fit (im referring to the rather well toned arms), and always smiling haha

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