Splatoon 2 Exclusive Clothing! Callie Missing! Tshirts! - Splatoon Saturday

Splatoon 2 Exclusive Clothing! Callie Missing! Tshirts! – Splatoon Saturday

this video is sponsored by everything levo subscribe by clicking the button below hey guys welcome to splatoon Saturday your weekly source for all the latest on splatoon Nintendo has released the final two chapters of the squid sisters stories which will be read out later on in the show of course before I continue the news I'm going to let you guys know of a new approach that I'm trying on this episode of splatoon Saturday I've turned off all of the advertisements so I'm not earning a penny from ad revenue from this video and instead the video is sponsored by me so I'm going to be running ads within my own video for my twitch channel and for my teespring store it's a bonus for you guys because you don't have to sit through long irrelevant boring adverts and if just one person per week makes a purchase I earn more than enabling ad revenue on this video so I'd appreciate it if you guys let me know what you think of the new method and remember that supporting the channel makes content like this happen 7-eleven stores across Japan will give you special splatoon bonuses they've been doing a physical splatoon bonuses for buying the game from them for a while now but the reason this is now newsworthy in my opinion is that you can actually get digital outfits probably exclusive for splatoon too from 7-eleven so hopefully they'll have an equivalent way for us to get it in the UK in the US but for now Japan gets these probably exclusive outfits the highlight of this week is a Mario Kart 8 deluxe video from Rena called how to end a friendship you you you you you luckily I'm glad to report Bennett and George are still friends yesterday Nintendo aired an arm's Nintendo Direct it also had a slew to check how Archie spring store you can buy splatoon and everything in the both games merch to support the channel and style also had a splatoon to trailer at the end with some very interesting footage and a bunch of new details since covering that and the usual news would be way too much for a single episode of splatoon Saturday I'll have a special splatoon Saturday plus airing tomorrow morning it'll have all the details that were revealed in the trailer so don't miss it it'll go live at 7 a.m. est asper alright so it has been officially confirmed that chapter 6 and chapter 7 are the final chapters of the squid sisters story so it's an end of an era of people so grab yourself a blanket make a fort or something get a hot chocolate get a hot water bottle make some popcorn get all prep for this because this is the final one chapter 6 and 7 here we go chapter 6 the next day found Marie waiting at the station for Callie's arrival when the try pulled in though Kali wasn't on board I bet she totally overslept again Marie thought and she settled in to wait to the next train Kali was not on the next train though nor the one after that orthe the one after that night fell and there was still no sign of her Marie called Callie's office and was told that she headed straight home for work from the previous evening she seemed a bit flustered but I figured she was just in a hurry to get back to Cal Marin County Callie's manager said Marie tried their apartment several times but no one picked up Marie began to feel panic rising in her chest the following morning Marie cut her trip short and returned to inkopolis on the first train of the day she hated to leave her parents so suddenly but couldn't shake feeling worried about Callie plagued by a sense of unease she spent the whole trip on her phone searching for some clue Kali's whereabouts her efforts failed to turn up anything to calm her fears when she arrived in inkopolis Murray headed straight for their apartment the place looked exactly as she left it in fact there was no sign Cali had been home at all since Murray had left for her trip but if she hadn't come home where did she gone forgive me and some thought Murray got an idea and hurried out of the apartment chapter 7 quick as she could Murray arrived in October captain cuttlefishes shek was completely deserted the shack itself was undisturbed but the snowglobe that had stood beside it was a shattered wreck pieces of glass littered the landscape Kali was nowhere to be found in the scene failed to offer up any clues with a heavy heart Murray made her way back to inkopolis the city was buzzing with the unbelievable news the great zapfish had disappeared it had vanished once before but reappeared shortly after weak wink the people of the city consoled each other saying chill out it won't be gone long this time either Murray alone shivered in trepidation could he possibly be at it again Murray made up her mind to get to the bottom of this but if their adversary was who she suspected this problem would have no quick and easy solution captain cuttlefish wasn't around to help this time her worry for Kali overshadowed everything and before long the squizz ins of inkopolis would begin to notice kelly's absence if Murray were to disappear – at a time like this it would only add to the chaos what else could she do there was no choice but to find help and quickly just as Captain cuttlefish had done before she would need to enlist a brave recruit to help did you know everything me go screams de Leon quick just as captain cuttlefish had done before she would need to enlist a brave recruit to help investigate the depth the octarians underground base thanks to her fame though Murray stood out like a sore tentacle in inkopolis she had to keep the number of people who knew about the octane threat to a minimum secrecy and discretion were after all of the utmost importance when it came to the operations of this would-be expla tomb suddenly the conversation she'd had with Kali our own Moll came rushing back to her word on the street was that all the freshest Inklings were hanging out and battling for turf in a new party town surely she could find someone there with the perfect blend of talent and bravery this daring task required her mind made up marie set her sights on the new center squid culture inkopolis where the story continues in splatoon – oh my goodness guys that's it squid sisters stories chapter 7 the final chapter ok so sure that's not a really satisfying conclusion but if you stick around till tomorrow I will go over all the juicy details from the trailer and it turns out the trailer basically continues on from where we left off and switch sisters stories and of course the actual game then continues on after the trailer the users of this week are at coffee Tim 3 and at ueshiba new on Twitter these two wonderful artists are the people who made the shirts that you see on the everything amiibo teespring website and yes of course I did commissioned them to make these but I still have to admire how amazing the end product turned out it's really great I'm super proud of them and if you guys want to see more artwork by these two peoples then make sure you go and follow their Twitter's if you want to be the user of the week make sure you follow at everything amiibo on Twitter or join us on Disko and that brings me nicely on to my next point the Commission's are finished there are some awesome everything amiibo and splatoon theme designs on the everything amiibo teespring store so yeah that was the announcement that I was hyping up to and personally I think these turned out great everybody said that but yeah make sure you go to the teespring website and check them out although you've probably already seen an advert for them so last week I asked you guys if you were still playing splatoon one on Wii U 76% say they're still playing it all the way up till splatoon two releases very impressive great dedication there so am i but only because youtube forces me to not it's a great game lasts forever a lot of people are taking a break 18% are waiting until splatoon 2 comes out before they get back into splatoon and a couple of people are playing splatoon 1 forever aka they don't have a Nintendo switch this week I'm asking you guys about real guns and splatoon so there's a little teaser of what was revealed in the trailer there was a p90 gun basically shown off it's styled as a real gun not as a water gun or some other ink or paint or water based pun gun basically it's designed as a legit real gun that is used daily all over the world so is that ok is it ruining the kids style of the game or is that just awesome personally I think guns are cool so that's freaking awesome to me in video games I'm just disclaimer I think guns and video games are really fun I like ghost recon especially but let me know what you guys think does it does it spoil the mood won't someone think of the children thank you so much for watching everyone be sure to leave a comment to tell me what you think of the new style of advertising on my videos if you enjoyed the video make sure you leave a like and of course subscribe to everything amiibo for more splatoon Saturday and for more Nintendo toys and games I'll see you guys next Saturday I'll see you guys tomorrow

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  1. I've never seen this in a game before, oh wait I'm Australian…

    I'm not Japanese…

    Why Nintendo why just

  2. I'm glad to be a new subscriber to this channel I'm sure I will have lost of fun here and I'll make sure to hit that bell

  3. I like the idea of the ads but I think they need to not be as abrupt as they are like maybe make a smooth transition into them and lower the background music a little bit. Just a recommendation. Not a hate comment btw.

  4. AAAAH I just noticed how many views this got! I'm so proud of you, Otto! I remember when you only got like 60 views on this thing.

  5. Advice for Everything Amiibo: I actually do like the advertisements in the video. I don't mind it too much. It only thing is that the advertisements show up at the most random times. It wouldn't be good either if you let us know the advertisement before it shows up,but maybe bring the advertisement when your done saying something dealing with a topic in Splatoon News! Over All,I love Splatoon Saturday and I wish to see more of it in the future! Thx😄

  6. That moment when you shed a single tear when you hear that chapter 7 is the last chapter of the squid sister story

  7. those chapters were a total mind blow. It shows how everything started so you don't get confused of why Marie's at Splatoon 2 alone. I thought it was because of the splat fest. I think if Callie won, it would change this story around, or have it the same now because it seems as if Mary is the niece of Captain cuddlefish and Callie is the cousin of Marie due to the sunken sea scroll. Alot of people say things that make me think alot like of the photo from the story mode release trailer.

  8. The new style of advertising is good I guess, I mean I never mind ads anymore knowing they support the Youtubers I watch, as long as it supports you better its great!

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