Garden Boots, Tomatos, and Insects Drawing and Coloring for Kids | Coloring Pages for Kids

Hey sleepy turtles, let’s draw and paint. See you next time sleepy turtles. Thanks for watching and don’t forget to subscribe. Bye.

Native Kids Shoes Fitzsimmons Treklite (Little Kid) SKU: 9234475

Hey, everyone, It’s Abigail from and this is the Fitzsimmons Treklite by Native Kids Shoes These hiking-style booties are super cute I absolutely love the purple color on them They have a defender Repellent systems with Scotchgard™ coated PU upper and they feature a traditional lace-up closure with a back pull tab for an…

An Ungerman tale of slippers

Hello Robin! What are you doing? I’m knitting slippers! Why are you doing this? Because I dropped icecubes all over the kitchen and my feet were cold That’s not a tiny ball of yarn you got there!


I saw that smile that was, I want them all smile. She takes after her mom. All right James tell us what’s happening today. I was swinging on that swing that Ellie’s holding on to. When it began to swirl, I was swinging and I kicked her and she was crying too bad like… And…

What’s in our backpacks!? Back to school with the Haschak Sisters

what’s up guys it’s Olivia here with Sierra and today we’ll be doing a back-to-school what’s in my backpack three two one and action so basically, we went school supply shopping and it was really exciting because I’m going to eighth grade and I’m going to tenth grade and we wanted to show you guys…