Talking Tom and Friends – The Backup Genius | Season 2 Episode 6

Talking Tom and Friends – The Backup Genius | Season 2 Episode 6

[upbeat music] Hey, guys! Whoa! Whoa! These e-Levator
levitating boots are amazing. Why haven’t we released them
to the public yet? Waaah! Argh! Well, that would be one reason… -The remote!
-Oh, uh, oh, uh… -Get me down!
-I got it. -And…
-Whoaaa! -Whoa!
-Watch out for my precious head! Uh… Whoaaa! Hey, Ben… Ben? [sniggers] It’s the… C…EO. Hi, friends, and by friends,
I mean customers. Take a look at my new
Super-Spy Sound-Recording Device! [through device] ♪ Super-Spy
Sound-Recording Device! ♪ ♪ Gonna find out what–♪ This bargain baby is perfect
if you want to, say, I don’t know, spy on
a small garage-based tech company. -Uh-oh…
-All right, I got it now! Argh! Ow! [upbeat music] Ah! Argh! ♪ Whoa-ohhh! ♪ [laughs] Ah! Ughhh… Ben, wake up.
You’ve got to wake up, buddy! Whoa, what happened? Who… who are you? Oh, no… I am Hank. This is Ginger,
and this is Tom. Tom, what happened to me? I definitely did not drop you
on your head, that’s for sure. Wait, it’s all coming back. [ding] Yes! I remember everything.Youdid drop me on my head.
Thank goodness! Thank goodness I dropped you? OK, guys, he’s still out of it. If you like it that much,
you could try it again. I’ll go first! Give me that! I meant thank goodness
I remember what’s up here. Imagine if the contents
of my brain were lost forever… A disaster! That’s it. I need a backup system. Someone to pass all my data onto. A protégé. Well, how about me
since I’m standing right next to you? Oooh, let me make room for new stuff.
Oof. Ow! Actually, my protégé should be
someone younger. Impressionable. Awww. -Someone like… say… Ginger?
-Huh? Pff, you wanna teach me science stuff? No offense, Ben, but science is…
Ick! Blech! Am I to take that as a yes? [whirring] [crash] [CEO] ♪ Super-spy
sound-recording device! ♪ ♪ Gonna find out what they’re up to! ♪ [CEO]Tristan, turn the volume down
on the spying device! They’re gonna know we’re here. Well, the CEO’s spying on us again. So? All he knows is I’d rather eat lava
than be Ben’s protégé helper. Fine, Ginger. I don’t need you. I’ll just go to your school and scads of eager students will line up
to be my protégé! [bell rings] [sighs] Hmm… Eh, hmm… Well, this is a predictable,
embarrassing disappointment. [sighs] I’ll just gather up
my Erlenmeyer flasks and my graduated cylinders,
and be on my way, I suppose. -Alohaaa!
-Ah! Am I late? What? Darren? Alohaaa! You’re a loser. Everyone knows I’m going to win. I’m Darren.
I’m unstoppable. I’m the best. Get lost, before I give
my honest opinion of you, that you’re bratty,
obnoxious and mean. Oh! Smart kids are so often misunderstood. Oh, well. As they say in Latin:
“Ingenium mala sape movent.” [both] “Misfortune sharpens the genius.” Hmm, as a child genius,
I too was misunderstood. Maybe because
I was always speaking Latin. [chortles] Too funny! Darren, maybe I misjudged you. Come on, Tom. Let me put those babies on
and ride the sky. Uh-uh. There’s only one pair
of e-Levators. We can’t afford to have you break
our most fashionable invention yet. Everyone… Ahem. I’m pleased to announce
I have found my protégé! Alohaaa! -[all] What?
-Come on, you chose Darren? He’s a mean, spoiled,
braggy cheater-face! Fair point. And I really want
to apologize to everyone. Thomas, can I call you Thomas? You seem so much more sophisticated
than a Tom. [laughs] Yes, yes, of course,
my good man. Whoa! Thomas is sophisticated. Tom! This is Darren. He is lying. No, no, no, no.
I’m a different person now. Maybe because I watched the
“Be Nice or Get Off The World” episode of Alpha Squadron Explosion Go. Wow! That episode changed me, too! I was a person who hadn’t seen it,
and then I saw it, and then I was a person
who had seen it. Freaky. Or maybe it was listening
to my fave-o song: What’s Not to Love? [gasps] That’s my song! I know. I wanted to compliment you, I just wasn’t sure if I could talk
to such an amazing talent directly. No, go ahead. Please, go ahead. Whatever it is that changed me,
I’ve dedicated my life to knowledge, and I want to learn
from the smartest guy in the world. Me. He’s talking about me. See? Smartest man in the world.
[snickers] Come on! He’s just acting like you guys
are great to get what he wants! Oh, you don’t think we’re great? Ugh. I don’t do compliments. Ginger, it’s obvious
that you’re jealous of my protégé. Don’t be. He’s going to be a fantastic
addition to our merry band. [thumping music] Argh! Ha! [Ginger laughs] Ah! -Oooh!
-Ginger! Aaah! Well, the moment
we’ve all been waiting for is here. The e-Levators are now ready, thanks to the help
of my protégé, Darren! Alohaaa! Oooh! Or maybe aaah? I can’t choose,
they’re both so appropriate! Wait, you lethimwear
the floaty boots? But he’s only been here a day. Ginger, it’s not how long
you’ve known someone– It’s how well. -Oh!
-[both] So true. Blech. You know what, you guys? We haven’t been having much fun
together since somebody got here, so I got us five tickets for tonight’s
Cyborg X-Travaganza! [all] Yeah! Hurray! Uh-oh. Do the math. Doh. Ginger. Five tickets?
There are six of us. Oh, right. Darren.
Hey, sorry, buddy. We’ll miss you. Ginger, we can’t leave Darren out
of a big friends’ trip. Sure you can! Here, I’ll show you. Guys, it was going to be
a surprise, but… I have six tickets for tonight’s
Cyborg Stunt-acular, the best Giant Robot Fight in town! [all] All right! Yeah! Woo-hoo! Five tickets? There’s six of us.
No wonder he’s not the protégé. Aw, come on! Now you’re choosing
his stuff over mine? All because of these stupid boots! -[Ben] Stop that!
-Yah! Maybe we should choose him over you! He’s nice and helpful
and he wants to learn. Everything you are not. Fine! [crying] If that’s how it’s gonna be,
I’m out of here. Are we OK with Ginger leaving? Well, he was being a brat. Look what he did to the e-Levators! Don’t worry about it, Ben.
You go without me. -I’ll stay behind and fix the boots.
-But, but, but– Butts are for sitting
at the Cyborg Stunt-acular. I’ll hear no more of it! Besides, I can use
all the amazing things you’ve taught me. Wow! You’re the best protégé
a genius scientist could hope for! I was wrong about you,
just like Ginger is wrong about you now. [all laugh] Whoo! Of all the Giant Robot Fights
I’ve never seen, that was by far the best! It’s too bad Darren couldn’t be there. He would have loved it… as much as I’m going to love the repairs
he made to those e-Levators. Huh. Darren? Where is Darren?
And where are the e-Levators? They’re not where you left them. They’re not in the fridge
where I sometimes leave things. Hey, my hiking boots! They’re not in the bathroom. Hmm. It’s not like
the Darren I know so well to be careless
with cutting-edge technology. Yeah, that’s the sort of thing
Ginger would do. -[both] Ah!
-Ginger. Phone, dial Ginger. Hey, guys, I bet you’re calling
to apologize for being mean to me. I forgive you. I can be– Where are my e-Levators? Pff. How should I know?
Maybe stupid Darren took them. Ah-ho-ho! That’s nice. You steal my boots and then accuse
my innocent new friend of something you clearly did. Seriously, I was in my backyard,
digging a hole. Well, you’re going to have plenty
of time for hole-digging now because you won’t be
coming over here anymore. -But–
-Good day! Wow! Ginger works fast.
He already put the e-Levators on TV! He put the what on the what? Hello, consumer friends! Welcome to a live demonstration
of my newest invention: e-Levator boots! Course, I didn’t invent them
all by myself, I also gotta thank my nephew…
Darren! Alohaaa! Whaaat? You’re welcome, Uncle C! My protégé is the CEO’s nephew? Yep, he’s my nephew. Darren tricked us all. -No! He tricked me.
-[evil laughter on TV] I can’t let this happen. [CEP] This is a real game-changer!
All thanks to my great genius! Nothing can stop me now–argh! Good! My tablet still controls
the boots! -Let. Go. Me. Of. You.
-[Ben] E-levator going down! Naughty boots! And now, to teach Darren a lesson. [CEO]Argh! Whoa! Help! No, Uncle CEO! Stop! Please. [cheering] Stupid, unworking boot! Hey, turn that camera off. Ben, you just showed the CEO
that he shouldn’t mess with us… again! That may be, but I also let Darren
wheedle his way into our lives because I was so eager
to have a protégé. Don’t forget, you also ruined
your friendship with Ginger. Hank, no! That’s something you don’t say out loud
because it hurts too much. Oh, right. Sorry, Ben,
not that stuff I said. Actually, I’m not good. And I won’t be good
until I earn Ginger’s friendship back. And only when I do,
will I consider myself good. So, I’ll just sit here,
waiting for that to happen. In limbo.
Somewhere between good and evil. Oh, that’s a relief.
I’d hate to go out on a sad note. [upbeat music]

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  2. 2:21
    [whirring] [crashing]
    [CEO] ๐ŸŽถ Super-spy sound-recording device! Gonna find out what theyโ€™re up to! ๐ŸŽถ
    CEO:โ€Tristan, turn the volume down on the spying device! Theyโ€™re gonna know weโ€™re here.โ€
    Tom: Well, the CEOโ€™s spying on us again.โ€

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  9. 3:33 – 3:37 This is wrong.

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