Tee Grizzley and Fatboy SSE Talk Fattest Rapper in the game: Dinner with Grizzley

Tee Grizzley and Fatboy SSE Talk Fattest Rapper in the game: Dinner with Grizzley

what does the Cheesecake sprinkles all over don't fret nice what manistee grizzly you having dinner with grizzly we're gonna be talking about today the hottest fat rapper in the game come on come on come on – I don't got the goat fat whale okiya philanthropist around his business you see me man pinky up yeah when you drink when you drink something you have to have your pinky up elegance this kid you long said you don't fly nigga shit my favorite food so I'm gonna say big magnet cheese I fuck would I fuck with the homemade burgers and fries or taco hey I'm a different type of fat now I like I like lotion I like a homemade tofu sandwich ain't gonna do shit for me well you know pescetarian says yeah I did number fish fish and shrimp three years ago before you got on this thing no no I'm saying oh I know what I like Chinese Chinese chicken from the Chinese I'll be hearing so many rumors about the Chinese food also I'd be scared of this is real I'm scared I said I used to fuck that shit up should be tasting time different you'd be like damn is this really what they saying idiots typed it you let it get your head up from the got you wanted no more just like I've seen the turkey in my backyard one time I want to eat no more turkey I'm like it's a mom thing so you gonna you gonna stay the same size he's gonna come down I'll show you some still gonna be a fattening I don't want to be like all away goofy fat you don't feel like me and Chi like weighing goofy fat you are shit control on why hitting gym for giving up certain foods that's gonna take me a little long here not know yeah that's that's what I should be – real shit me – seasoned you know I'm saying should be – she's in lawful where you live this shit doobie – season like oh no no fat represent bro I won't count recrossing before you like thicken things like legends yeah they be a legend I'm sad dark UV dark you'll be told hey Doc you ain't felt hwl shall trouble niggas not count in this year if you could go in the mall and find your size instantly you ain't a fat I gotta go to three different stores I feel like yeah we the best no no this one on me take a slim and skinny you see why she wanted nigga with some meat on the bones you know I'm sure we're not a caress some at night who nodded like hold maybe gonna say nobody tell you I feel say I feel safe for warmth about keeping warm she may be a little chimney so we just keep it warm this side tends to be you got to be a big smooth finger not smell good – no no woman like no stinking eyes fattening you know the smell good guys wash away great that's how you that's how you get the one meal like we're yeah treadmill a was that December I was 349 I'm like 299 but when I seen when you first came home nigga you was a – pig skin eh fuck way first game on yeah that was my choice bro I was gonna be a star before I got locked up I was fat you know yeah then you get to get in that bitch y'all want to eat some trays I said don't feel you I got skinny that's it what am i doing fuck you – you had a little sauce – you like don't say you gotta tell them I said eh like I'm just starting to push this area tonight ain't start them bitches it I'll be lazy so when I come to that shit I watch TV turn on some Netflix awesome holes so I'm like well you ain't know what else to do lately do I'm saying pussy be on my mom most of the time oh fuck I want to brother like that oh yeah I forgot toes they're telling you address I'll be right with you okay I want you to pull for me to look like an egg smell good too don't fret knives with the employees we're just checking in see a little cute calming ocean this is like sweet potatoes in this place what is good potato two potatoes lb marshmallows on them too late I had it that way that's what this faux fools bison Jersey oh yeah what's that what's the best offal it's right up there soulful squawk I would say Booga seafood yeah that should be oh yes in Detroit Motor City so full resting one I was on a Detroit – huh anybody else of my cousins I go to the wrong place yeah I was at the spun out that my feel like I had a bulletproof glass on it yeah Wayne's a shit in there pancakes they have everything scrambled eggs all that oh no shit I don't know just tell the head you shoulda scrumptious this is magnificent like the Caesar salad done with chicken in there who made this come in let his chicken croutons I'm giving them a kiss chimeric normal see this shit robbed him I don't know this chicken dog I'll be seeing you be giving a lot of lot of money into the kids out here in the streets yeah man cuz you know some people don't be having this so are you trying to bless him know that probably be they make take day I wish it wasn't like that when I was like healing and shit walking around dude nobody never did that no nobody never did that to me no Roque honey's out your real for that I wouldn't want to go get tense you fuck with the desert no there's a weekdays not a little cheat day no thank you that came that can wait there morning little familiar good oh that's all for me I don't fucking take like anything though like comment subscribe all that good shit got my nigga to go that way in this bitch and I'll kiss you that boy yangtze appreciate you miss out on my brother T grizzly man you already know man the legends man we do this for world

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  1. I think it's a Midwest thing but I am definitely fuckn wit grizzle #daGo2Detroit 💪🏾🎤🎼🎹🎶.. Keep going bruh and don't stop putting these videos out and being all over YouTube. Chicago fuck's witchu #Griz #290

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