Tee Grizzley - First Tour Out [Part 1]

Tee Grizzley – First Tour Out [Part 1]

I'm coming from a struggle to prison so on stage in front of a crowd of people and steel pulling it off these niggas preyed on my downfall niggas preyed on my downfall on our team beat us to the toes so he's disloyal niggas how the ball go get a thermometer for the pot I need this shit cook right that keep that water 400 degrees Fahrenheit you know that when you lose in joint right we actually dropped this record like right here dial first a house I got a quarter those homie had me come back you know I want your studio set on winning more on like like this idea because alright remember when I used to use your ills to hit the road hit the oil and make them big boy sales move member when you had some brains met with vacuum stills try not to have them grant ain't smell fish was on me which and it's weird for someone to get that be with no hood just straight and let's just wrap you know what I'm saying hey man ain't in the West yeah you can feel the streets won't miss you these trees to forget you then eat you alive my nigga so if I was guard to you and you ain't hit the funeral you know I leave a surprise my nigga died I was hustling but I don't finally found my way my all dude he did right now he was my role model not because he had all the money in the world or not because he had a whole bunch of three no bitch he was real nigga or no we know we know no I can do this too with no effort no I do this with know every I could do this here with no effort for Nick ruin my day right under the fire and wine with my bitch we have equatorial niggas hating but ain't never been off you and so you nigga this morning I started on my day with a met in a prayer that I made it parent bag ready so bitch so I see didn't know hot let that child clap and push the nigga head off his neck what you watching the news you start them indictment the person show is tomorrow so you know we're gonna just keep working keep working and I guarantee you know al-quran you're crazy oh man Joe put everybody on here everybody here know about it alright everybody I just heard e today last night hop hop running niggas niggas talk about their business niggas really be on Cocteau just fuck the whole lot in France China face like Picasso all I found my bath those on really thick as being or big bands and my building links don't play around on my farm oh give me sex watch on my wrist out of date but it's both legs we speak up next time up now sucker bullet it deals with the eight bands you're just going get some rubber bands let's get straight to it everybody come together hey buddy got the plan he came we keep going be still and follow you we are yours hey you're mayor's call this man's my soda ain't moving fast soon as they touch the Atlantic you a book if you're to beg please we'll just just notice okay we should relate the dogs guard really dog them seen pasted and filter bottom the street they struggle up close in a scene of the closed base to face my first tour first chauffeurs orders if they'll do what I'm going off disposable and they like anybody they say they did we eat a 19-13 to the body they thought about it with me hey you miss my bagels lot more money then go away I have money I really people really only occasionally secretly these niggas preyed on my downfall he's niggas preying on my downfall on our team beat us to the toe so he's disloyal niggas hot a ball go get a thermometer put a pot I need this she could

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  1. 500 50's, 600 hundreds
    700 20's, let's get straight to it
    800 10's, what's that? 8 bands
    Hit the store and get some rubber bands
    Let's get straight to it

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