Tee Grizzley & Fredo Bang Try Sushi For The First Time: Dinner With Grizzley

Tee Grizzley & Fredo Bang Try Sushi For The First Time: Dinner With Grizzley

[Laughter] oh yeah yeah and the trick is they open the Lambo here came from them turning Europe looking guy got my guy one of my closest friends Fredo bang bang man okay they can't beat me in 2k period yeah slaughtered to do it in today nigga one about three points I bear him like he'd left the house mad near thanks what a joke okay so look it was some shitty deal we call them like cook ups he call the hookups basically don't eat the food that the state games so you buy some shit off the little commissary store and put it together time other guys mikeg neck my macro yeah he had a fish I put all the juice other yeah bring that down bring a tuning on yeah I hated mayonnaise mustard barbecue sauce break it down break some high fries up mix it up I take the cheese until I saw him break that up mix with the hot cheese Marnie's macro an but a hummus or the one side two cheese that make it a song okay so with this stretch with the water Libby so look I have what we call surf and turf tuna and America like you see it but then we got to meet slim jims and autumn type of shit so you got meat and seafood you got the rice oh shit I ain't bout to hear like I know cuz I wouldn't cook you feel me I was their bitch hey it's what most of just season New York Tampa si no hay de space for the reindeer house gonna put a late night today I can sit back for what a day I look a lot of people social bro like they see I'm my one over so I'm not touching it I like my sister be in Greece oh that's crap I put the credit that oh yeah this is crap this crap so I see rate with one with look they just forgot to cook that's seaweed for real [Laughter] [Laughter] [Laughter] see the world need my partner look I've got a lot of slice look like on the plane right wing go down you can look though wait wait wait wait wait what got you around [Laughter] I really can't really do it so what's next a bitch damn so I need rather like the video comment on the video subscribe on our YouTube page you know we signing off spring up a something coming y'see yeah

44 thoughts on “Tee Grizzley & Fredo Bang Try Sushi For The First Time: Dinner With Grizzley”

  1. this dinner date got gay at the end….dont do that shit no more grizz…you aint barbara walters…enabling

  2. This so dope cause it’s organic… they’re really friends. Compared to the others, this is just 2 friends hangin out.. and there so happens to be a camera & sum bad bitches there 🦍

  3. Shout out to Tee Grizzley, U and Fredo Bang need to collab and drop another banga πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  4. I get my shrimp and crab cooked first fuck that raw shit tell em you want the meat cooked that shit delicious

  5. Bro im proud of you rt you taking off off the city looking good keep up the good work and stay focused on the positive #Detroit

  6. It's good to see a real street dude come up and expand his fam base and his platforms he now has a million subscribers and more to come keep it coming grizzly positive movements man the edits are onpoint my guy and you funny as hell

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