Tee Grizzley - Off Parole [Official Documentary Trailer]

Tee Grizzley – Off Parole [Official Documentary Trailer]

to do whatever they want to do at any point I'm working where they want to work we gonna do so you know I miss a lot of money with this it's been times where I couldn't go do shows that I have booked they had to send a lot of money back you hear me I think in some ways it probably has limited him to really expand into the artists that he is I think he's done a great job so far he's nationally we know an artist people know him all over but I'm sure there's been some limitations from a parole perspective that has kept him limited to certain places they even go and things that he could do

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  1. Video and documentary looks promising. We don't see a lot of artists give us this kinds intimate dive into who they are. I rate this TG

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