Tee Grizzley & Sophia Body Talk "What's Real & Fake" In The Industry

Tee Grizzley & Sophia Body Talk "What's Real & Fake" In The Industry

y'all was not gonna run into a lot of real estate out here man it's a real ap real have to take it real out of the walkie real 50 boy thanks I'm a real nigga and niggas really hos what's the deal man is T grizzly not from the dita we love kickin it with our people half a million on my neck is in order you watching dinner with grizzly I'm serious today we're gonna be talking about real Sophie so I'm gonna start off with the faces I've been chasing exactly when I wedding the rapper I'm gonna follow types eat I just want to do a song I'm a fan I wanna do some music with your brown one all right you know I'm saying knives like niggas acting like they fuck with me artists bro oh fuck with no rest period but there's only one type of person who would Taylor and I will give a pass to if you a stand-up citizen never play no gangster she never tried to no Street city and you tell I can't be mad at you you a stand-up citizen but if you want some street sitting artists in it that you automatically taking the case they're innocent people like see if they gonna get that big I got a shirt like 20 years well she could give your information up this isn't things I will make a living off there so see you got to protect it you musta got scammed no I meant to old lady nice though Boys Noize came and shot my house okay we'll see that boys came shot my houses so are you one of those rappers like Young Jeezy to be like I'm not a rapper no I'm definitely a record for so I'm embraced it cuz I saved my life you know I got the elms off the rap I won't go see that nowhere else so I embraced it it's a lot of Street niggas coming in there's been four shootings killings within the industry do you think that has a lot to do with street dudes coming into the rap game the fake friend people up yeah street duels coming into the rap game definitely play a part and rappers dying because we Street niggas and we making it and we've won back to the hood and we still hanging around the same people and we still exposing ourselves to the niggas in the streets that hate and love us I think a lot all that going back to being a real New City I'm going to nowhere I didn't ride it right yeah LA Nipsey for example he could open up a store and then move the community and Detroit is different I opened up a so Detroit they breaking in their motherfucking spray-painting we shopping there fuck that nigga all this time she's just I got I come from a city to hate hey I'm living for me okay look right I got locked up when I was 19 when I was 13 all that type of shit and I was just in that bitch nobody just me and God you know send a knife down to the streets that became my family and we'd be seeing so much shit in people someone shit seen so many people die and go to prison I said did something to us so too old me they want to play and have fun and want to be happy as hell I will feel selfish if I'd be so happy because people close to me to die right like my best friend got killed my my goal in life was to make him happy I just wanna make my father proud of me he'd do everything was I gonna make it like he did nobody feels I don't really care about losing the light I won't hurt that much again but what about your own family you know they cool they pull know what I'm saying starting your own family like Oh start your own family if you're like wrapped around you know your street family and you're like family you know you know what I'm saying so right where do you be up now ulema Atlanta Foca nobody Oh like really a loner yeah yeah so so how did invent this food where he plan to start Fran banana I mean I'm Greek so I have no idea you Greek mm-hmm I mean for Greece all right so food the best this is kind of close fish and collard greens what is this alligator this fucking chicken is not fucking coming off of the bone you got butter nice bill maybe you can do it you know don't look down okay have you been you have binge whoever would you've been looking down I'm looking at yeah you look down what kind of man doesn't Obama himself would do it I'm a gentleman I don't do any time you stuff it up in this this is actually not that bad no just good luck with it I'm scared of that fish though I'll try it if you do but you got a pinkie swear you're gonna try was it no it's really good idea what you told me cheers to staying away from the fake and phony we have to look each other in the eye that's bad like if you don't look somebody now yo I don't see is with it showing our knees get it autumn are down my sleeve some don't use watch dinner with two grizzly another did you know that you're my second favorite rapper let me tell the media cuz we on there so put your face on behind Young Jeezy retire right so I guess okay let you know so I told you thank you for having me we make sure our lighting comment subscribe or Takeshi okay

40 thoughts on “Tee Grizzley & Sophia Body Talk "What's Real & Fake" In The Industry”

  1. All that cash but still ugly as hell .. both of these mf lookin like dogs lmao all he does is brag n bs about his money he needs to do more of his old style raps or he aint gonna last much longer

  2. 5:46 ima gentleman, I don’t do that kind of stuff without permission πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ someone meme it

  3. Ok Tee bro , idk if you be in the comments like that but CAN YOU PLEASE DROP THE INSTA OF THE GIRL MIXING THE DRINK


  5. Ya'll are funny.
    Why it so hard to message somebody directly these days..

    I wrote something that seemed relevant dunno if you got an inbox somewheres….
    I sorta do. Text mostly tho.
    Been seeing a bunch of beats… my computer still needing some work tho. Slow n steady wins something… not quite sure what…
    Probably just an empty plate.
    Maybe I'll just be real early to the next meal.😊

  6. Grizzly got some sloppy ass head after dem cameras cut off…he had the chains β›“ out she had the pussy out

  7. I love how real niggas be giving God a shout out. Aye man Ima sparkle till I shine lol. I got a real gold plated grill with real cubit zirconias or something, I grew up real poor, real sh** man just saying mad respect bro stay up. πŸš§βœ”βŒπŸ’―πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯🚧πŸ’ͺ😬🍻✌😎

  8. This dinner wit Grizzley is fire imma be here every episodeπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

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