The Carbonaro Effect: Inside Carbonaro – Pressurized Air Shoe | truTV

The Carbonaro Effect: Inside Carbonaro – Pressurized Air Shoe | truTV

♪♪ This shoe store has been in
Atlanta for over a century, and the owner was super-cool. He has a repair shop up front,
and he kept sending all of his customers in the back
for me to pull tricks on. It’s a shoehorn. [ Softly ] It’s a shoehorn. Man: Can you tell me
your name again? -Michael.
-Michael. I might have similar —
In 10? -10.
-Yeah, here. Why don’t you come on over here?
I’ll get you set up right here. Okay, great. Oh, that’s your
shoes there, huh? Yeah, yeah.
That’s for basketball, though. Yeah.
Those are nice. -Oh, and you put a cushion in.
-Yeah. What kind of cushion
is that? Um, it has
a little gel in it. Oh, it’s a gel cushion?
That’s pretty cool. When’s the last time
you had these, you know,
adjusted for pressure? I haven’t. -That’s what you got to do.
-Really? It’s not just about
sizing sometimes. Like, when you put
an insert like this, you got to know, you know,
whose insert it is. Yeah. We use the right tools here,
and we’ll do that for you. Just give it a — [ Air hissing ] You’re gonna want
to let it release. See, that’s a lot of pressure
to be walking on. I’ve never had that done. -You never did that?
-I never — Oh, yeah.
Yeah, once a month. You know, when you’re
walking on it, it builds up that pressure. You know? You’ll be able to
feel the difference. And I’m an athletic person,
but for some reason — maybe I have —
but that has slipped me. -Yep.
-Let’s see. Oh, I do feel the difference.
Oh, huge difference. Now it’s nice and soft. And you —
Is that with most shoes? All shoes. Okay, so I’m gonna
have to start doing this. You got to do it. So you’ll come in, you know,
we have a booth up there. Courtesy. We’ll just —
we’ll re-pressurize them. We’ll fill it with a little more
air, release some of the air. Oh, man.
This feels like — -[ Laughs ]
-Right? I’m ready
to go to the gym. It’s like you forget
after a while. I’ve never even thought
of that, Michael. Have you ever heard
of sole-pumping? -Yeah, yeah.
-That’s what that is. -Oh, okay.
-Sole-pumping. Same thing. -Yeah.
-Or sole release. Right. Right. And you do it daily,
Michael? I do, yeah.
Did you give it a good — I didn’t try
this one yet, did I? -No, you didn’t.
-Yeah. Never aim it
toward your face. Okay. Always away and squeeze.
Oh, there you go. [ Air hissing ] That’s amazing. And all you’re doing is
just letting the pressure out. -See that?
-That is awesome to know. -Yeah. Good to know.
-That is awesome to know. Let me see if I’ve got that
other size for you in the back. Okay. Thank you. ♪♪ ♪♪ Jump over here
for a second.

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  1. "The shoe is an recognise able brand so we had to blur it" literally you can see through the blur its Air Jordans

  2. I've watched about 50 of these Carbonaro tricks over the past two days. I'm not going to go make up a bunch of stories and tell my friends

  3. Haha this is a real proof that psychology defines wat u want. If u believe something has happened or after taken something u are going to change u will change definitely.

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