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  1. I know Hannah Ann gets so much hate but I think she’s so cute! I feel like the girls in the house are a bit jealous since she’s young, pretty, and Peter definitely likes her. Idk I guess we’ll see! But so far, every little drama she’s gotten into, doesn’t seem like it’s really her fault or that bad Lol

  2. Every girl struggles with confidence and Hannah Ann has that we should be admiring that from her because she had never been cocky.

  3. Victoria just realized how beautiful she is. BE CONFIDENT! YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL INSIDE AND OUT. She better win!

  4. They used the same edit as the last season of Bachelorette
    Luke P looked insecure when the guys showed their bodies. And then he stole the show.

  5. what's her name again 1:17 – they showed her quite a lot in this recent past episode but who remembers her name or how she introduced herself to Peter at the show's first debut??? Besides she looks far too young to be there on that show. In this competition she looks like she's a high school girl. Team Victoria F all the way – she killed it during this competition. Especially with this outfit. 3:37 Oh wow I totally forgot she's the one who boldly kissed Peter. I don't know if Hannah Ann was still upset with Kelsey or if Kelsey said it to get back at Hannah. But when she said this 2:25 Hannah's face went totally into full blown model competitor mode. 4:13 that face from Hannah Ann clearly says – "damn Victoria F is more bolder she looks – I wished I'd done that kiss thing." But they didn't show the whole ending to this competition. When I think it was Hannah Ann vs another girl – was it Kelsey.

  6. Victoria is absolutely stunning, such a beautiful face, beautiful personality… I love her. Imagine looking like her lol

  7. Isn' t the champagne-gate hilarious. This is the most comical season i' ve seen in many years so far, lol.  I love the Hannah' s (B, G & S.), want to see them all on BIP2020.

  8. I don’t get all the hate for Hannah Ann. She seems like she’s really sweet. It was the same way for Caelynn last year… nobody liked her either. It’s like if a girl is pretty and confident she gets tons of hate. BTW… I really like Victoria too and was rooting for her to win… but Hannah Ann did deserve it

  9. Hannah Ann only won it cuz she had no consideration for others. If she and Victoria walked separately Victoria might have won. Victoria is just more intriguing and sultry to watch. Hannah Ann is just a cookie cutter pretty girl

  10. I feel like Victoria may have social anxiety. She’s so strong and beautiful. Hope she goes a long way & her self love grows in the process!

  11. Ya'lllllll, Victoria is great and all, she's definitely beautiful but can we stop acting like she deserves to be the bachelorette because she had a weak, vulnerable moment about how insecure and insignificant she feels? How could someone that feels that way about themselves be ready for something as huge as the bachelorette?

  12. Unpopular opinion: I like Hannah Anne. She’s playing the game well, has fun and minds her business.
    Victoria says she’s shy, but I think she’s just not used to competing with beautiful women and it’s brought out insecurity. It’s the same for many other women this season.
    I predict lots of girl drama stemming from insecurity.

  13. Only my 2nd season watching this. Victoria was my fave the instant I saw her (for me, not him). My type, way-hottie. Not sure why she has the insecurity issues tho, and, I'll probably end up hating her in about a month anyway (lol). I loved Hannah last season, the Bachelorette, tho I didn't watch it…but heard/saw enough that I can't stand her now.

  14. Hannah Ann is the strikingly pretty girl whose personality completely destroys her looks within minutes of opening her mouth. She is the poster child for the fake and entitled. That scummy "bullied" victim move she made was disgusting. Tell me Hannah Ann: how is it that a girl as (overly and misguidedly) confident as YOU is ever "bullied??" POS.


  16. My take on all the clips and teasers leading to the final rose . . .
    I think the one Peter really loves leaves because she discovers Peter’s slept with one of the other women. Remember, Barbara (Peter’s mom) cries and tells him to go after “her”. And my gut tells me it’s Victoria P! She is beautiful and most important – real, not like the other women. You go Victoria!

  17. She’s like Beyoncé, y’all remember in interviews Beyoncé was always shy and sweet kinda bashful… and then when she hit that stage, BOOOM Sasha Fierce !

  18. Anyone wondering why Victoria lost has to look at the judges reactions both in this video at 3:41 and when she does the walk-off against Hannah Ann. Both Janice Dickinson and Kressley at various times were gesturing the "chin up" motion to Victoria because she was looking down at the floor while she was walking. All of you can keep commenting on how she's the prettier of the two, but that's NEVER been what professional coaches ever base their decision on! it's always on who can walk the runway.

  19. The best thing was the look on Hannah Ann's face when Victoria was kissing Peter. Priceless! Victoria could be a model….she is gorgeous, sassy and has the walk. She is still a little mysterious to me…those eyes. And the competition begins.

  20. Big deal, Hannah Ann won–she is a model. Also, watch the Chris Lane video of I Don't Know About You and tell me that isn't her in the video. More proof (IMO) that she is here to promote her career–not for Peter.

  21. Victoria didn't even care about winning or getting thousands of dollars worth of stuff. All that mattered was that he noticed her so she left her fear at the door and worked it. Lol! I loved that. It was so hard for her but she did it anyway because he was worth it. Meanwhile, Hannah Ann already had experience as a pageant girl and then a model so this was nothing for her and when she won she didn't even seem happy because it brought her closer to him but because she was the victor and got all these clothes. It really hurts to to think that maybe Hannah Ann got further in this process than Victoria. I really wish he saw who cared more.

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