THE SEARCH FOR ROXIE Episode 4: Roxie Boot Camp

THE SEARCH FOR ROXIE Episode 4: Roxie Boot Camp

(jazzy music) – The three finalists
in the search for Roxie have landed in the Big Apple
and hit the ground running. In addition to Roxie
bootcamp where they worked one on one with the
“Chicago” creative team. Emma, Kate and Khalifa
got to see all the sights of Times Square and visit us
as headquarters where they were guests on Live at 5. (upbeat music) – One, two, three, four, two, two. Five, six, seven, eight.
(upbeat piano music) ♪ The name on everybody’s
lips is gonna be Roxie ♪ – Goosebumps. ♪ The lady raking in the
chips is gonna be Roxie ♪ – Going through this bootcamp
did it hit you in a stronger way how much work it takes
to achieve those dreams? – Yeah and, and almost like I’m, I’m here. I’ve been dancing since
I was two years old. I’ve been working so
hard to be on Broadway, yes because that’s where the
most amazing work is done. – Did it feel different to get notes and be coached? What did that mean to
have the professionals who associated with this show on Broadway? – It means the world honestly. I mean, I can sit in my room all day and read the text and figure
out how my Roxie is gonna be, but then to have my
Roxie molded into what, who Roxie is just knowing
that these people have been with this show and they
know every nook and cranny. So it’s just, it’s been the icing on top. It’s amazing how
different our Roxie’s are. We talk about it all the time. It’s like it’s all different
but not because we’re making different choices to be different. It’s just that we are
authentically full human beings who have lived our different lives and we’re bringing
ourselves to this amazing iconic character and to, just
bring her to life is so cool. ♪ The lady raking in the
chip is gonna be Roxie ♪ ♪ I’m gonna be a celebrity ♪ ♪ That means somebody everyone knows ♪ – I got a lot of great notes today. We learned some additional choreography. – I heard, David Bushman
put you through your paces. – New choreography
which was fun and great. That style, I’ve done in
some musicals in college by Kander and Ebbs so
I love like that style, like the Fosse style. – So take me through. You’re gonna go back to the hotel tonight. – I will eat.
– Absorbing. – I will eat first.
– Eat, food always. – Food first. And then I will review everything so that I feel like everything
is securely fastened. I know we probably will get
nervous or I will probably get nervous but I’m gonna
try my best to just live in the moment like Roxie does. – That’s right. – And just live in the
moment and enjoy the moment while it’s happening. – Okay, sleep, rest, food, prep. – Yes.
– Pray. – Yes!
– Yes. – Yes, yes!
(laughing) ♪ Roxie Hart ♪ – Good. (applause)
(laughing) That’s great, that’s really fun. ♪ From just some dumb mechanic’s wife ♪ ♪ I’m gonna be Roxie ♪ ♪ Who says that murder’s not an art ♪ – What has it been like to
hear from the professionals who’ve coached you during the bootcamp? – One of my main things
coming here this week was like keep reminding
myself to be present and to be completely in the moment. Half of it has felt like
an out of body experience. And then the other half
is just like oh my gosh like I would get like chills. Like almost like electricity. I was in “Chicago”. – Like the regional production of it? – Seven years ago, like a
community theater production. – Did you play Roxie?
– I did. – Alright girl. – She still to this day is like
easily top three characters. – Whatever you did to coach
yourself when you got here I think it’s working because
I think you applied the notes in the moment. – Being in the room with the other girls and watching them get their coaching like, all three of our Roxies
could not be more different. – They’re all so different. – And so it’s so incredible
and inspiring to witness that and to, to see these girls
work and then to like be able to get my own feedback and
work in a way that I have never gotten to work before. ♪ And who in case she doesn’t hang ♪ ♪ Can say she started with a bang ♪ ♪ Roxie Hart ♪ – Oh please give me that dream, yes. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.
(clapping) – The three finalists
then got to hear from host Paige Davis and casting
director Benton Whitley who not only gave them tips
on their final audition, but surprised them with news
of the special guest judges. – So just remember that this show and especially this number,
it’s a vaudeville act right? And so those jokes in the show, they’re vaudeville jokes. Take the time to set up
the joke so that it lands. And the other thing to
remember just as you do this monologue right, don’t
ever let it sit back. Don’t ever let it be casual right? Remember that it’s always
propelling forward right? As Gwen, like one of the
famous things she says is put it in neutral and just rev. That is what, that’s
Fosse choreography right? It’s not about big huge movement. It’s about the intensity
of being just isolated. So get lots of sleep, drink lots of water. Vocal rest right. Maybe put your script under
your pillow so just by like osmosis it goes through.
– Will come and speak with us. – Because the people
you’re auditioning for are. – Do you know who Bianca Marroquín is? Well she’s one of our. – Our longest running Roxie Harts. – Bebe is gonna be there. How exciting is that? She’s the one who inspired me. And also Annie, Anne
Reinking’s coming tomorrow. – So.
– Oh my god. – God you girls. – I think I watched
“Fosse/Verdon” like 80 times. (laughing) – What I can tell you is
they’re the nicest women in the world. They’re so, Bianca’s amazing. She’s a trip and a half. Bebe is so delightful, and
will be incredibly supportive. And Annie’s exactly the same. She wants nothing but
for you to be amazing. And she will do everything
to help you too. She will give notes like,
she says like one word and it’s a pearl. It’s just like a pearl. So good luck.
– Break legs. – Break legs.
– Thank you. – Yes.
– Thank you so much. (yelling)
– Group hug! – Before their big audition
the ladies got to see “Chicago” and go backstage to chat with leading lady Charlotte D’Amboise. – This is literally happening.
– “Chicago”. – Right there.
– On the Broadway. – It’s right there.
– Let’s go. – The freaking show.
– Let’s go. (laughing)
– Oh my god. – Oh I want wait.
(funky music) – It’s the location condo.
(funky music) – Hi, I feel like I know you all. – I know, right?
(laughing) – It’s so great to see you
and I’m just, congratulations. Really, so amazing. – Thank you.
– So many people. Right, and here you are.
(funky music) – Be sure to tune in next
time when we find out who will star as
Broadway’s next Roxie Hart. (funky music)

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  1. This is such a nice and positive version of Legally Blonde: The Search for Elle Woods. Don’t get me wrong, I loved that show but I love seeing these girls lifting each other up.

  2. I love how much more supportive and friendly this is than other theatre competition type shows I’ve seen!

    Edit: This women are all so wonderful! No matter who gets the role, I see amazing things in the future for all of them.

  3. all three of them are INCREDIBLE!! love to see such different and individual portrayals and i’m excited to see what happens 🥰

  4. Emma Pittman is EVERYTHING!! I stan her so hard! The other girls are also so talented and would also be amazing for Roxie!!

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