This Gadget Will Make You Throw Up

This Gadget Will Make You Throw Up

– Hey, hey, hey, it’s
your boy Keaton here. Hey there guys, it’s western Keaton here. Hey, what’s up guys? Keaton the one-armed man here, and I found this gadget
that will make you throw up. That’s right, vomit. I don’t even know any more! Let’s check it out. Alright guys, so I found this gadget. It’s kinda cheap, if you
guys want to check it out, link’s down below. And what it does, is it
makes this awful noise that causes headaches, and eventually is going to make you throw up. I don’t know where I find this stuff. (knocking) Neither does my hand over here, but it’s just insane. Alright C-Fam, before
we start, go down there, hit the like button, let’s
try to shoot for 25,000 likes. You guys know I love my likes, and I just want you
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one of those apps that plays that really high-pitched noise that old people hate
and that everyone hates. Go down there and hit the like button, let me know in the comments if you guys have ever tried those apps out, too. I know I did. So basically this gadget is kinda cheap, and it’s actually made by the military, which is kinda crazy. And what you get is this little speaker and this two-volt battery here. That’s honestly it. And it’s kinda crazy
that they would even sell something like this, especially on Amazon. So I had to buy it and
check it out for you guys. I really hope I don’t throw up. I’m not feeling the best. Oh jezz, this is like
the pepper spray video. (high-pitched whine) Owww! So that’s the noise. Honestly here, it bounces from ear to ear. I don’t know if you guys
can hear this too well, but this actually hurts. Oww, oww. That’s a cringe noise. Usually I’m the cringe master, but I think I’ve found
the next cringe master. Oww. So I was originally going to try this video out on the subway, but I think that’s like terrorism, and I ain’t with that. So we’re trying it out now. Please, if you get this,
don’t do this in any place where there’s people. They’re going to get mad at you, and I don’t want any of
you guys to go to jail. This is all– Oww. I’m feeling a little nauseous, but more than anything my head’s on fire. Jeez. Alright, make it stop,
make it stop, make it stop. I have one hand, I can’t even make it– Oh, that was awful! Low key guys, the thing’s off, but I can still hear it. My head just hurts. I don’t know if you guys
could hear this too well, So I’ma put this up
close to the microphone. Make sure you turn up your speakers on your computer or
your phone or whatever. Just so you guys can hear this. (high-pitched whining) Ow, that hurt. Stop, make it stop, make it stop. My stomach is legit on fire
and my head is on fire. My Tinder profile is also on fire though. (ding ding ding) Buy this gadget if you have enemies. They’re gonna hate you, if you do. Oh god. So yeah guys, that’s pretty
much it for this video. If you guys made it to the
end and think this thing is just awful, be sure to
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100 thoughts on “This Gadget Will Make You Throw Up”

  1. TFAM i almost died yesterday (twitter knows why) @techsmartt…and GIVEAWAY winners picked tonight! love you guys ❤️

  2. Hmmmm.
    New ultrasonic weapon idea.
    Put 20 of them in a bunch with an amplifier running from just one circuit board to 20 high power tweeters running at 200 watts.

  3. So all what I can do is make that gadget and take it to school with me
    and use it and go home early
    Thx so much

  4. Bruh! As soon as I heard this I almost threw up. It only took 1 second. I'm emetophobic so I started shaking like mad.

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