Tom Brady’s Wicked Accent

Tom Brady’s Wicked Accent

[music] Hey excuse me.
Hey, how are you doing? Hey, can you tell me where the
Under Armour Coldblack golf gear is? Yeah, I just moved out
here, and I haven’t had a chance to unpack
my golf stuff, so I’m kinda looking for some, shirts. Wow, are you– Tom Brad… –from Boston? Your accent… (accent) Hey, where’s
the Under Armour. I don’t have a Boston
accent. I play football in Boston, but– I’m sorry man, but
I can’t understand a word you’re saying. You’re like, “Hey, what
do you mean?” “I ain’t got no
Boston accent.” Just say something, and
I’ll spitball with you. No, I really don’t
want to do that. (accent) Go Sox! (accent) Hey, that’s some wicked
hot chowder. What? I’m doing an impersonation
of you. I’m an actor. I don’t even sound
like that. You sound a lot…
You sound like that. I sound nothing
like that. I beg to differ. (accent) You really just got to
try the lobster. Is there anyone else
that can help me? No. (accent) You know, Marky
Mark and the Funky Bunch, now that’s a good band.
You know a band I love more? (accent) Boston. I’m actually from
San Mateo, so I don’t– Oh, San Mateo,
Massachusetts? That’s really funny.
Actually there’s a San Mateo here in
California. I got to show people… Hey everybody, get a load
of this Boston guy. Please don’t do that.
Please, quiet. Well they should hear you. You.
You. Play football. No, fly from Boston. No. Why would you
even say that? Man. Yeah, yeah, your
accent is ridiculous. Get a picture of
me and this nut Judia. Okay, say
“Bostonian” goofball. Bostonian. Hey, are you
Matt Damon? No. Oh, I knew it.
Affleck. Ooh (giggles). Oh my God. Hey man, you must get
so hot here all the time right, because your
blood’s thicker? You want me to grab
you some water? (accent) Water? No.
No. How about some
baked beans? No. You know why?
Because I’m not from Boston. I’m from California! I’m a native
Californian. I went to Michigan, and
now I play for New England. I’m the (bleep)
quarterback you moron. (sigh) You know, you look a
lot like that standee. Yeah, it’s uncanny. – Tom: Him?
– Store Clerk: Yeah. Well, you don’t need
go knocking it over like that. I am the guy on the standee. (accent) I am the guy on
the friggin’ standee. Uh!
Oh my… Matt Damon, shame
on you! He lost his wife
in those Bourne movies, but I don’t feel bad
for him at all. I’m going to go kick
that guys butt. Well, you look like
a reader. Maybe you need
some help. Go help him honey. You can’t treat
people like that. Yeah. I take a
Zumba class. I can dance
kick him. [music]

100 thoughts on “Tom Brady’s Wicked Accent”

  1. That wasn’t bad Tom Brady. Just in case football doesn’t work out, that is he doesn’t win six or seven Super Bowls and get inducted into the HoF or anything, at least he’s got the acting to fall back on. Now that’s a load off his mother’s mind.

  2. 6 rings still not as big as this Man’s head Tom Brady’s the goat more then what this golf ball head ass will ever do

  3. This pops up 6 years later and it’s still funny as hell 😂 “I take a Zumba class and I could dance kick him”

  4. Okay, I'm from New England and that mean dude looked a lot like someone I've seen before but I cannot put my finger on it. He sure seemed tense though.

  5. Damn! Only if this year's super bowl was a fourth as entertaining. Haha! I didn't know Tom had any personality. Tom, Lebron and Jalen Rose need to act in sumn together

  6. The truly terrifying thing is that there really ARE people in this world who are as terminally out-to-lunch as the people in this commercial. Susan Lucci — the actress who plays the home-wrecking villainess on "All My Children" — has been assaulted several times by addled fans who think she really IS Erica Kane, and are furious at her for sleeping with married men and breaking up marriages. George Bernard Shaw told how he once attended a performance of "Othello", where a sailor in the audience simply couldn't be made to understand that the story on stage was fiction: he kept yelling curses at Iago, and warnings to Othello not to believe him. All in all, Brady's lucky that the events in this commercial didn't REALLY happen to him.

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