1. Just recently bought the Adidas Messi 15.1 off Amazon for $45. I'm really hoping it's legit, but I just have to wait and see

  2. All great, but I got a Hypervenom 3 DF motion blur pack (men’s) on goat for $110!!!!!!!!!👌👌👌👌you cannot compete my dudes

  3. I bought a pair of vapor 12 pro but it was too narrow for me. I was really looking forward to it. I had heard it came wider but it just wasn’t enough for me. The top of the shoe literally bent abnormally when I put them on. Went up half a size but now the length was too much.

  4. Hey i just made a channel and some videos. Can y'all help me by watching and liking my vids and subscribe too please. I will highly appreciate it

  5. I am looking to buy a new pair of boots, mainly for artificial grass but I saw the Vapor 12 Academy version had an MG-version – it would be nice to be able to use them on FG as well.
    What do you guys think @Unsiport – is it a good buy or should I go for the AG-version? I already have a pair of FG boots but the idea of being able to use MG boots on both surfaces interested me – is it too much of a compromise between the two stud-configuartions though?

  6. Pele, Maradona or cyuff didn't have boots like the boots we have now and they are some of the best footballers of all-time.

  7. i am sorry to say unisport that as and when we are going up on the list the prices are increasing except for the mercurial. This contradicts the very motive if the video.

  8. The Indian company 'NIVIA' sells decent football boots for 500-1500Rs that is just 7-18 euros. That's crazy value. The only problem- They don't sell cleats!!!

  9. I just ordered Puma Vigor 1 for 110 EUR. What do you think guys? Good deal or not?
    BTW. Thanx for all your videos, you are great!!

  10. Thanks for the video, I’ve noticed Nike has club (instead of pro) this the same or different? And if so, by how much? Just looking for a cheap boot to play on the odd weekend with the boys, thinking about the vapour 12 club. I want something to protect my feet as well as keep me from slipping on AstroTurf.

  11. Which one is better in your opinion?





    Price in AUD

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