Travelling Light 5kg (11lbs) backpack tour

Travelling Light 5kg (11lbs) backpack tour

Hey guys, I’m back in Australia now I had been travelling in Asia, South East Asia for the past 3 months. I had been in Korea teaching English, but I decided to quit and travel down into South East Asia taking nothing but this 20 litre Goruck Shadow Ruck bag. it weighs about 5.6/7 kilograms So what I did with my trip was take a plane to China then I took a train down through China to Hong Kong and from Hong Kong I flew to the Philippines and then I went to Thailand and then I went back to Hong Kong then took a flight to Singapore and took a train from Singapore all the way back up to Thailand then from Thailand I went to Vietnam and from Vietnam I went back to Korea so most of the places that I Visited were hot weather, so most of the things that I Have here are shirts and t-shirts. but I do have an ultralight down jacket as well because when I went to Korea it was just beginning to be the winter so it was quite cold there. so without further adieu lets take a look inside the bag So this is everything that I took on my trip On the right here you can see what I wore and here is my bag and if I weigh it right now you’ll see how heavy it is about 5.6 kilograms so, lets take a look inside First, the front pocket I carried my noise cancelling headphones I also carried a very lightweight eyemask for sleeping on the plane I also carried some wet tissues Inside the main compartment, lets take a look.. In the first pocket here.. I carry my passport, notebook, travel cards and a pen Upgraded my phone on the way, so I have a backup phone which was handy for watching movies and stuff. Sunglasses Also I have a padlock so, I would occasionally lock my bag with that in the hotel room down below I have some more wet tissues and my travel wallet, which is a front pocket wallet So you have a sleeve here for cards I have a pair of flip flops Next I have a very thin, lightweight umbrella I didn’t really need this, but I have this kind of face towel This is very handy, a light folding water bottle The red bag with my electronics Blue bag for toiletries and, in addition to these tissues I have the clothing bag, so this is every piece of clothing that I had I wore these So if we take a look in the clothing bag first I was mostly in hot climates, so I didn’t really need this much But I did go to Korea in the winter, so this is an ultralight down jacket from Uniqlo In here I have socks and underwear a shirt, that is a shirt made from linen I have some souvenirs of tea here from China Outlier (new way) shorts, which can also be used for swimwear A simple polo (actually henley) shirt A wool, Icebreaker t-shirt, merino wool and another merino wool shirts okay, lets look in the laundry/toiletry bag proper toiletry bag, I have deodorant, magic soap I have 2 toothbrushes, toothpaste, ear cleaners shaver and nail clippers, which I kept in the bag and I never had a problem they never checked, even through all of the security comb, floss and some backup toothpaste and some tissues next I have my retainer I have a little shaver here, battery powered folds open like this and two batteries for that I also have this pocket towel I have some aspirin finally, some mosquito repellant in the electronic bag, in addition to the phone that I’m using, I also have a charger for this phone and this multipurpose adapter Australia, America, UK, European, 2 USBs i have this silk sleeping bag liner i have this, which I didnt really use, its a wireless charger for my phone a folding out backpack, a little backpack there I didnt really use this much but its a camera tripod also good for selfies, if you’re into that i have another usb, magnetic, charging cable and my other phone charger external battery phone charger, velcro strap, another charger, and this is some accessories for the phone usb and headphones I have this, i didnt really wear this but this is for passports and money i have some currencies and cards in there and some change I have an A4 sized paper carrier and in here I have passport photocopies and some other important documents and so forth thats pretty much it 20 litres and 3 months travel

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  1. I'm a light traveler or i try to be as much as possible. Taking just one bag with me wherever i go. Love your videos, more please!

  2. This might sound stupid but liters don't convert to just kg or lbs do they? I'm not really into physics or anything but i thought liters were volume and lbs were weight..

  3. I think I'm gonna be nauseous. I'm an everyday woman who carries a 5kg bag to the mall, the office, the coffee shop — and here you are travelling the world with that much weight. I'm embarrassed. 🙁

  4. The least i managed was 10 kg…and yet you still manage to fit in an umbrella…. do you do your laundry in sinks exclusively?

  5. Hi! I was wondering if you have any thoughts on your Sony noise-cancelling headphones? I am looking for one, but not a fan of the bulky over-the-head types. Yours look like regular earbuds!

  6. Hey i love the video how ever it would be awesome if you recorded another one with better audio i would love if i could hear better what you are saying

  7. Invest in a decent microphone mate, will only add a little weight to your pack and makes your videos a lot easier to watch

  8. I like these kinds of videos. It might have worked better to have all things laid out first no then gone over them, and then show them packed in high speed video. Also I would suggest small lapel mike with fuzzy windscreen. Sorry I don't have a brand to recommend. Thank you for your efforts and for telling us about you job in Korea. You refer to your current passage as a trip, do you think of Korea as your home base ??? Do you have a permanent home somewhere that you return to, or are you permanently on the move ???

  9. Thank you for your response. Many years ago I was able to travel around the world using mostly my wits. I taught English in Japan for a brief period of time. In general I found traveling through Asia more exhausting than Europe. Largely because European languages used a more or less common alphabet and I could at least sound out the words. Once in Asia I of course was completely lost in trying to read local signs, etc. Thank you again for your efforts.

  10. Thanks I will try that. The kit selection is excellent but I felt the rambling tone let it down. Try to be clear and precise with some info on where to source the equipment. Happy travels…

  11. I went to Korea with a back pack, but I was an Infantry scout on the DMZ, so what I carried is a little different.

  12. Backpack:
    * Shoes: Nike free 4.0
    * Pants: Outlier slim dungarees
    * Shirt: Outlier merino co/pivot
    * Underwear: uniqlo airism boxer brief
    * Socks: Smartwool merino socks


    * 1 pair Outlier New Way shorts
    * 2 merino wool t-shirts


    * 1 old spice, roll on deodorant
    * 2 toothbrushes
    * toothpowder
    * nail clipper
    * 59ml dr bronners liquid soap
    * seatosummit pocket towel


    * Seatosummit packable Travel Day Pack
    * SKROSS travel adapter
    * Sony noise cancelling earphones

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