U-M Athletic Trainer:  Rx for the Right Athletic Shoe

U-M Athletic Trainer: Rx for the Right Athletic Shoe

(pleasant music) – [Narrator] Is it the cool style or the vibrant colors that
should attract you to a shoe? Or is it the fit, function,
and structure of a shoe? A University of Michigan athletic training clinical specialist offers some tips to help us
choose the right athletic shoe. – The prescription for a right shoe includes knowing your foot type, knowing your mobility
and flexibility level, and knowing what activity you
wanna purchase the shoe for. If you’re trying to find a shoe to go on the court and play tennis, the shoe is gonna have
to have enough stability because of the demands of tennis. You’re rushing the net, you’re
cutting, you’re serving. We wouldn’t want to play
tennis in a running shoe, which is not designed to have
that side-to-side stability. Probably the one shoe
style that allows you the most variability is
a cross training shoe. You can run some, you can be on the court, you can go in the gym
and work out and train. When an individual is more flat-footed, where they’re flatter or wider foot, which means they’re gonna
collapse more when they walk and they’re looking for a shoe, it’s very important to
have width in the mid-foot, so right in-between my two fingers here. Some shoes will be narrower
or hooked or be cut out. Here’s a nice widen space in here, so a foot that’s wide has got some room to actually sit in the shoe. Here’s a great example if
you have a higher-arched foot of a shoe that probably will
feel a lot more comfortable. What happens is is you are propped up because of the shock system, and so, your heel is now propped up, which also matches your foot type. There are hundreds of athletic
shoes you can choose from, and it is very important
to choose the correct shoe for the activity or the
sport you participate in, ’cause it can help you perform better and help you keep injury-free. (pleasant music)

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