Uf Chou Laziz – Men in Heels

Uf Chou Laziz – Men in Heels

Because she’s a Woman…
I respect her from head to heel!

40 thoughts on “Uf Chou Laziz – Men in Heels”

  1. The courage you guys had to do this initiative is enough! I really enjoyed watching this!!! Thankyouu!! 🙂

  2. This video is just amazing we need more men like you in this society thank you for supporting women ! 🙂

  3. Nice initiative. What i like about your team is the direct, witty and informational actions you do to confront the Lebanese society with its taboos.

  4. I am proud of all you liberal Lebanese
    Your country is sure to become a diamond of modernity and equality
    in middle east and an example for other arab countries to follow
    love and respect from india 🙂

  5. ما فيه داعي للتشبه بالنساء للتعبير عن إحترام المرأة ، إحترام المرأه يبدأ بإعطائها حقوقها و إنصافها و عدم إهانتها بأن تلجأ للأعمال و المهن الرخيصه و العهر 

  6. except the the leopard, i thought they looked very business/formal appropriate. they looked good. and i only noticed one wobble

  7. Love the high heel clogs!! Toe Tapping Powers Totally!!!! Cross those legs & toe tap nice & loud, making that wooden sole sound so passionately dominant.

  8. I want some heels like these. It would be a hole new fashion outlet if men started wearing heels. Just think 3 pair per man times millions of men. …..$$$$$$$$. Plus they are just to die for!

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