UGG Ascot Leather  SKU:7204971

UGG Ascot Leather SKU:7204971

Hey how’s it going? I’m Joe. We’re taking a closer look at the Ascot Leather from UGG Australia Those slippers made with a premium leather, it’s got that slip on design there You can see that genuine sheepskin It’s just gonna keep your feet incredibly comfortable Great thing about that sheepskin it will keep your feet warm up to negative 30 degrees Fahrenheit and keep them cool up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit So it’s a very versatile slipper no matter what season Get this durable rubber here on outsole Making it great for indoor and outdoor Use all kinds of flexibility to make it very comfortable They have taken the slipper to a whole nother level of luxury and comfort Ascot Leather from UGG Australia

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  1. These are really nice, but you should know…
    – Buy it a whole size bigger (sheep skin
    inside makes it a tight fit)
    – These slippers are $130 retail. You can
    find cheaper on sites like ebay (the brown
    ones average higher in price than the
    black ones)
    – In my experience, they keep your feet
    warm, but definately not cool. If it's not
    cold or cool, I wouldn't wear them.

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