Do you consider yourself an athletic person? Or are you more likely to sit on the couch and watch TV all day? It’s time to put on your running shoes and do some stretches because we’re putting our bodies to the test in the acrobat challenge! You hear that? It’s the sound of complete peace and quiet. That’s right girls, it’s a beautiful time
to take a moment and be one with your thoughts. Even if that means slurping on some coconut
water before your workout. Man, I could really use a soda to go with
this burger. What was that? Huh? Can you even get mail out here? What does it say? A free acrobatics class? That could be fun! Oh yea, we’re definitely doing this. Hey, Claire! Check this out! Huh? Alice! Look what just fell into my lap! No I sitting right here, thank you. It says it’s free! I think we just have to go right over that
way! Woah, are those the teachers? Aw, they look awfully nice, don’t they? So, whaddaya say? Should we give it a shot? Ok, this first move requires a little bit
of teamwork. Sit on your partner’s knees while they’re
facing upward in a tabletop position. Now tuck your feet underneath your partner’s
armpits. Woah! She’s so balanced she’s lifting her arms up! Well, this looks easy enough, doesn’t it? Okay, I’m going down first! You’d better get stable on that grass. Ooh! This is feeling intense already. Now that Olivia’s on, can Claire lift her
arms up and balance? And the answer is a big, fat no, folks! OOF! Alright, let’s shake that off. This time, let’s put Olivia on the bottom! Alright, hop on, Claire! Okay, legs are tucked under… And we’re down again. Oh boy, try to catch yourself before your
head hits the ground! Listen, guys, why don’t you let me try this
one, okay? I’ll be the bottom, ok? Well, so far, so good. Careful with your balance there, Alice. Wow! They’re actually doing it! Oh yeah, I can definitely feel this in my
core. Well done, ladies See? With a little bit of team work and some core strength, you can do just about anything. This next move will have you rolling with
fun. Simply hang on to your partner’s ankles
and go for a little spin! Woah, we’ve never seen a summersault like
that! Hey, that move can’t be that hard, right? It’s just a bunch of holding and rolling,
right? Looks like Claire will start by lying on the
floor and grabbing onto Alice’s ankles. Now if only I could reach over to your ankles
without falling on top of you… Yep, there we go. Ready, set, roll! Hey! We’re totally doing it! Woah! Oops! Sorry, Olivia. Ooh! Mind if I get bite of that? I’m starved. Rolling sure works up an appetite, I guess. Watch this next move closely — it’s a
little bit complicated. Um, that looked a little tricky but we can
probably do it, right? Or rather, you and Alice can do it. Once you’ve got a good grip of each other’s hands, you can attempt to lift those legs in the air! Why isn’t this working? Well, that’s not pretty. Okay, guys, that was the worst attempt at
an acrobatic move ever. Maybe I should give it a try? Aw, sorry Claire, looks like these girls are
done trying this move. This next move is pretty darn simple, or so
it seems. But perhaps you won’t think that once you
give it a go yourself. Wait, that’s it? That’s the move? That’s gotta be the easiest one yet! C’mon, let’s get down to business, shall
we? Wait a second, why won’t my leg lift the
rest of my body up? Well, turns out this little trick is a lot
harder when you actually try to do it yourself. Hey, you need a little help there, Olivia? Um, you girls may need a little more help. Alice, why don’t you try this one. There’s no way she’ll get this right on
the first try. Alright, grabbing the foot… And up we go… Um, I said, up we go! What?! You actually did it, Alice! And you did do it Alice, even if you had a
helping hand…. Ready for the next move? Lie down next to your partner with your hands
on each other’s shoulders. Then link up your adjacent legs while one
of you flips into an upward position! Hey, that move looks really fun, let’s try
it! The first step is linking up your arms and
your touching legs. Check… and check! Now get ready to flip up! Uh, girls? This is the part when you hoist the other person up. You girls look like you could use a little
extra help. Wrap your legs like this and push that-a-way… Gah!! Yep, Claire definitely got a swift stomp to
the face. Ooh! That was a weird feeling. I didn’t just swallow my own tooth, did
I? Well, looks like we’ll be taking a trip
to the dentist after this workout. These days, everything is hands-free — a
lot like this next acrobatic move! Think you can get back onto your feet from
the ground without ever using your arms? Yep, the hardest part is over. And up onto their feet they go! Listen guys, I’m pretty sure this is something
we can handle. Alright, we are officially starting, people! Ick! I didn’t know this exercise was going to involve a snack! Check it out, you guys look like a bunch of
worms in a race! You know this move doesn’t require you to
eat grass, right? That’s it, I give up on this stupid move. Man, we’re gonna be tasting that dirty grass
in our mouths for days after this! Looks like someone’s about to become a very
special helper. You! C’mere a sec! Who me? Alright, I guess I’ll help, how bad could
it be? Something tells me Alice may regret joining
in on this move. Looks like he’s asking you to sit on his
shoulders! Oh boy, here we go. Wait, what are you going to do to my legs? And off she goes! I hope Alice isn’t getting to dizzy up there! Holy smokes! This looks more like a dangerous dance move
than an acrobatic trick! Hey guys? Put me down slowly, I’m feeling a little dizzy. Hey! Did you guys see me up there? Maybe Claire and Olivia should try it with
you! Hop on, sister! Woah, I don’t know If I’ll be able to
lift you from here. Oh no! Woman down! Ow! That really hurt! Olivia, maybe it’s a better idea to try
putting Alice on your shoulders. Ready to go for another ride, Alice? Ooh, I’m beginning to think maybe Olivia’s shoulders just aren’t strong enough for this stunt. Woah!! Well, at least we gave it a fair shot, right? Now what should we do? I know! Why don’t we join hands and give ourselves
a spin the old fashioned way! Aw! It’s as if these friends were little kids again! I haven’t had this much fun in years! I’m sure glad I didn’t eat that burger
before this! Am I an idiot for spinning like this for the
second time in a row? Time to slow down before you guys really lose
control! OOP! See what I mean? Huh? Does that say “free burgers?” I’ve got to go tell the girls! Pace yourself, Olivia, you don’t wanna eat
that thing too fast! A free acrobatic class and free lunch? Could these girls get any luckier? Huh? Who’s that guy? Here ya go, ladies. Extreme sports?! You guys want check this out after we’re
done eating? Okay, this is officially the best day we’ve
ever had! Ever wonder what it takes to master acrobatic
moves like these? A lot of trial and error, obviously! Be sure to share this video with your friends! And if you’d love to see more awesome challenges like this one, don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube page, 123Go Challenge!

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