30 thoughts on “Video: Smoking garbage truck that dumped burning trash, sparking deadly Sandalwood Fire I ABC7”

  1. If I realized the vehicle I was in was on fire I would get out of it and probably panic. The fact still remains that the truck was still going to be engulfed in flames and the fire could have been ten times worse if it exploded. The only option that the driver had was to dump the trash in hopes to contain the the smaller fire. Could he have dumped it closer to the road? Yes. But he probably panicked and rushed and was probably breathing heaving amounts of trash smoke which could be deadly so we really can't relate to the situation.

  2. See, no conspiracy. No satellite super lasers, no military base experiments, no pg&e electrical lines. None of that. Just an incompetent affirmative action hire.

  3. Sherriff "…investigating whether ANY criminal charges will be filed….." how about littering to start with?
    Hold that dumb driver and his billion dollar company totally responsible!

  4. Investigate the truck driver. How do we know he's not a terrorist/arsonist who planned this? Maybe he set the trash on fire himself

  5. This garbage disposal will be for the company the most expensive ever in the company history. What a dumb driver

  6. The guy that shot the video is an idiot. The driver had to drop the load , sit in the truck with a load of trash thats on fire and get blown up or drop the load ? Hmmmmm. Instead of recording the video, call 911. Weather or not he dumped the load that fire was going to start.

  7. Wow it sure is nice when the news interviews someone bright and not from a Third World country who doesn’t even know what day it is

  8. So why did the guy instead of recording call the fire department? He could have prevented it also. Hellooooo don’t blame the truck driver guy alone, he could have stepped in also!!

  9. firefighters dont carry fire extinguishers? Truck driver should of had once, after dump then spray it..water main breaks right on que..hmmm..suspicious..many garbage trucks catching fire lately.

  10. As a grabage truck driver we are told to always dump the load. The company always rather pay fines then replace a truck. Insurance will pay for damages.

  11. Pretty sure garbage truck drivers have double digit IQs ———- the truck has to be insured for such accidents, right? Let the truck burn. The driver, and any supervisor to made the decision to dump the trash, should be held for manslaughter charges. If convicted, executed.

  12. The driver had a blank stare? Likely it was the roach of his big Ganga cigar that he tossed into the back of the truck before driving away. Or it's just another case of MK-ULTRA. 😂
    Now back to the PG&E, Kalifornia regime creation of the several fires, burning the homes of hundreds of citizens once again.

  13. This is total BS, they are claiming a garbage truck caused all this… It’s all staged

    3 explosions occurred at once caught on radar which caused these fires. This is another false flag event, they are lying to people and causing these fires and using DEW weapons

  14. Fire was caused by residents who throw away material they shouldn’t.
    If that fire stays in the truck, that CNG filled truck blows everyone around it into ash’s. And gets that fire started regardless.

  15. I just spent like 10 minutes trying to find this I can't find any information saying whether or not the truck driver called the fire department or not I can't find anything that says he did or he didn't where are all of you people getting that he didn't call the fire department from just curious I can't find anything anywhere saying whether he did or he didn't somebody clearly called the fire department there is there right now who was it

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