Viola Davis on Wearing Sneakers to Emmys & Playing Michelle Obama

Viola Davis on Wearing Sneakers to Emmys & Playing Michelle Obama

How are you? You always look good.
– I’m well. – You look very good.
– Oh, thank you. JIMMY: You look very good.
– Thank you. You look very good,
too, yourself. Well, you don’t
have to say that, but I don’t look as good as you.
– But you actually do. – Oh, thank you.
– Yeah. – I appreciate it.
– Take it. You know where you looked
really great is at the Emmys. And I will tell you something. My wife and I were
sitting in the crowd, and you walked out on stage,
and you had sneakers on, and my wife was like, “Yes,
she’s wearing sneakers,” almost as if someone
forced her to wear high heels to this thing. But that’s what
it feels like– Why do you think– –that you’re
forced to wear heels. JIMMY: Why is that? My husband calls me Frank. You know why he calls me Frank? JIMMY: No. He say, “V, when you
get in those damn heels, you walk like Frankenstein.” It was like. They’re not your thing. Yeah. And here’s the thing. JIMMY: Mm-hm? I knew I had to present. So I thought I was going to
hobble on stage to the podium and just announce
the supporting actor. But then I found out I had to
walk through the presentation. I say, hell no. Oh, hell no. I said, I will only do it
if I can wear my sneakers, and I wore my sneakers. Who would stop you from
wearing the sneakers? Nobody–
JIMMY: Nobody, of course. –because I was
ready to fight. But did you wear the sneakers
on the red carpet or no? I did not wear–
JIMMY: You did not. –the sneakers
on the red carpet because I did not want to
insult Stuart Weitzman, who made the shoe. – That’s a shoe guy.
– Yeah. – I see.
– I didn’t want to do that. He would be upset? Or the Alberta Ferretti gown–
I just wanted to be– Is that a real
person, Stuart Weitzman, or is it just like, Orville
Redenbacher or something like that? Listen, he does
make some good shoes. Yes, he’s a real person. JIMMY: You just didn’t
want to wear them. No. [JIMMY LAUGHS] JIMMY: Sorry, Stuart. He makes good shoes. You’re good at pretty
much everything, right? Is there anything
you’re terrible at? What are you not good at? OK, I’m not a great driver. JIMMY: Oh, OK . Do you drive a lot? I drive a whole lot.
JIMMY: OK. I live in California. JIMMY: Right, right. I failed my driving
test three times. JIMMY: Really? I succeeded my fourth time,
and I hugged the driving instructor and kissed him. And I cried. Really? Wow. And I say
snot-dripping crying. Were you a teenager? How do you kiss– I was 20– no, I
was 31-2 years old. You– oh wow. It took that long. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I had it at 21, but I lived
in New York, and it expired. JIMMY: Oh. Then I came to
California, and that was it. So I took two tests
in California. [IMITATES BUZZER] I took
one test in New York– no, in Rhode Island. [IMITATES BUZZER] And then I
took a test in Staten Island. I said, I’m going
to Staten Island. JIMMY: Is that– are
they looser there? Are they more lax? Well, I was praying, and
then when I was done, he said, “You passed.” And I grabbed him,
and I kissed him on the side of his lip, Jimmy. Maybe if you’d done that
at the beginning of the test the first time, you
probably would have gotten your driver’s license. Wow. I heard you are playing
former First Lady Michelle Obama in some kind of– Yes, I am, Jimmy. –a project. That’s pretty– you know
Michelle Obama, right? I’ve met Michelle Obama. JIMMY: You met her? Does she know
you’re playing her? I have no idea,
and I’m terrified. JIMMY: You are? I’m absolutely terrified. I don’t care what else
I’ve done in my life. I’ve won an Emmy. I want an Oscar, two Tonys. But if I mess this up,
this is going to be a defining moment in my life. JIMMY: I’ll bet, I’ll bet. It’s like, you’ve
raised a great kid, but you messed up
Michelle Obama. So you did not pick up the
phone and put a call in first to say, hey, do you
mind if I play you? No, but I’m waiting
for my publicist to call and say, um, hold the
line, it’s Michelle Obama to cuss your ass out. JIMMY: Yeah. Have you read the script? Like, are you sure
it’s flattering? It’s going to be a
great script, I promise. – OK, all right.
– I’m not going to mess up. Listen, I don’t want
to make my people mad. [JIMMY LAUGHS] And you’re also working
with Denzel Washington again. The last time you
guys worked together, it resulted in Tonys and Oscars
and all that kind of stuff. What are you guys
doing together? “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.” JIMMY: That is a play, yes? That is– it’s a play, and
Netflix is doing it as a movie. Chadwick Boseman is in it,
Glynn Turman, Michael Potts, Colman Domingo,
some great actors, and I had to wear a fat suit. Oh, you did? Is it fun to wear a fat suit? I loved it. JIMMY: You loved it, yeah. When you say a fat
suit, like, how fat are we talking about here? Well, what I told– can I cuss a tiny
bit on your show? Absolutely, yes. OK, I told them that I wanted
really, really big [BLEEP].. But I wanted to look like
the women I grew up with. JIMMY: Uh huh. I’m just being honest– like, my Aunt
Joyce who I thought was very beautiful, but [BLEEP]. She had [BLEEP]. They hung down to her– you know, she had
those big ol’ [BLEEP] that hung down to her waist. I said, I want– and look at me. I was explaining it like– I was like, oh my
god, so excited. I want that [BLEEP] to
hang down to the waist, and then I want a big ass. And they gave
you those things? Yeah.
I mean– [BOTH LAUGH] That’s pretty good. Yeah. That’s a selling
point right there. Absolutely. Viola Davis is here. The final season of “How to Get
Away with Murder” is underway. We’ll be right back
with Viola after this. No, you want me to make
sense out of your pain, to say that I knew your
father and that there was a good reason why
he gave you up, and I wish I could give
that to you, Michaela, I do, but I didn’t know the man. He was a stranger to me
just like he is to you. I’m sorry. [SOLEMN MUSIC] I’m just sorry you’re so dumb
that you think I believe you. Bitch. Well, that is very
rude, very, very rude. That’s “How to Get
Away with Murder.” This is the– I don’t know what was
going up on there, but you’re always up to no
good in some way on this show. And let me tell you
something about that scene. JIMMY: Mm-hmm? She was in my house, and
she called me the B word. JIMMY: She did, but she– I had to really– that’s
really suspending a disbelief, right? She was smart enough to be on
the way out when it happened. Yeah. So this show, do you know– did you always know
how the show would end or is it one of
those things where you kind of figured it out?
– Let me tell you something. JIMMY: Yeah?
– I don’t know anything– JIMMY: You don’t?
– –about the show. JIMMY: OK. Nothing. I can’t keep track of
the murders on the show. We’ve killed so many people, I’m
just glad my hands are clean. But Pete right now,
you can just tell, he’s like, don’t
tell Viola anything. Oh, he is intentionally
keeping you– Yeah, so you got
to talk to him. Oh, interesting.
OK. Yeah. I feel like you
do know, but this is a good excuse for you to say
you don’t know what’s going on. But would you want to know?
JIMMY: No. Think about it.
JIMMY: It’s better not to know. Yeah. But I also like the torture
aspect of asking people. I’ll do the same thing
to Christian Slater later when he’s here. Oh yeah, and he’s not
going to reveal anything. He wants that paycheck. Yeah, he probably won’t, but
it’s worth a try because I feel like one day on the thousandth
time I ask somebody, what’s going to happen,
they’re just going to say it, and then all the producers in
the green room are going to go [GASPS] like this, and we’re
all going to laugh like the person’s joking,
and then we’re going to find out later that it was– Yeah, no one’s going to
laugh on my show, Jimmy. JIMMY: No one will be laughing. If you reveal something,
nobody’s going to laugh. JIMMY: No one will
be laughing at all. No, but I will
tell you this, it’s good to be one hell of a ride. JIMMY: It will be
one hell of a ride. I mean, it’s like I’ve
gotten a chance to play someone who has no boundaries. And usually, I’m in
an apron, you know? I’m in an apron and I’m
holding a baby, you know? I mean, they’re still
trying to get me to hold a baby every once in a while. I’m like, I’m not
holding a baby. But it’s been the
ride of a lifetime. How old’s your daughter now? She’s nine. And I heard she’s
got an acting– she had an acting job, huh? “Angry Birds 2.” “Angry Birds 2,”
she was one of the– [CHUCKLES] wow. That was quite a reaction. Yeah. Got a lot of people
with iPhones here I guess. So she’s– Yeah, and on the way to
taping, she would always say, Mommy, I got to warm
up my voice because I got to be prepared
in case they ask me to do different voices, Mommy. [SHRIEKS] Do you go with her and sit in
through the recording session? I sat through the
whole recording session. I never want to do that again. JIMMY: Yeah, right. Did you feel like you
wanted to coach her and– Yes. – Did you resist coaching her?
– Yes. You did? Yeah, that’s the right
thing to do, right? Yeah, and she was drinking
a lot of water, saying, give me a minute. [JIMMY LAUGHS] Boy, that’s something
else when you have to– Yeah, it’s something else.
I think it’s over now, though. – You do?
– I think she’s done with it. – That was it?
– Yeah, I think that’s it. She pulls it out of
the hat every once in a while when she
wants to impress someone in the playground.
JIMMY: I see. You know? JIMMY: Mm-hmm, yeah. I played Vivi the
Hatchling in “Angry Birds 2.” Well, this is LA. You have to keep up
with that sort of thing. – Yeah, exactly.
– Yeah. Well, it’s great to see you. Great to see you too. As always, it’s a pleasure. And the show– watch “How
to Get Away with Murder.” it’s the last season. Is it really the
last season or is it going to be like
“Modern Family” where you come back for one more?
– No, this is the last season. I mean, if they come back, then
they’re going to have to ask Whoopi Goldberg or someone. OK, all right. “How to Get Away with Murder”
the second to last season– Thursday nights at
10:00 here on ABC. We’ll be right back
with Christian Slater. If you liked that video,
click Subscribe and we’ll be together until one of us dies.

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