12 thoughts on “Walking in the woods in high heels part 11”

  1. Omg thes wooden platform hi heels are so sexy may I lick the mud off the heels and soles if I lay on the ground would u walk over to me and step on top of me and just trample me so hard that that the heels leave cuts and bruises on me

  2. Thanks again for your videos I jerk off every time I watch your videos I only wish you would be happy to watch you step on my cock as you want girl not the heel but I will let you stomp my cock as hard as you want ok get back to me

  3. Crush heels! I like your videos, it hurts that the words in the screen spoil the visibility of the video… Give me a like if u think the same!

  4. You're going to dull the shine on those spikes doing that in the ground. Would love to see and hear those heels clicking on tile or smooth concrete.

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