We Tried Kim Kardashian’s Favorite Boot Camp Workout

We Tried Kim Kardashian’s Favorite Boot Camp Workout

If I could get some abs, I’ll be Gucci. Yo, I want abs too, I look
like I’m nine months pregnant. I need a baby shower (both laugh) (upbeat music) I don’t know much about Barry’s Bootcamp, the only thing I know
is that Kim Kardashian lost her baby weight
through Barry’s Bootcamp. There’s a lot of paparazzi
videos and photos of Kim just entering and
leaving Barry’s Bootcamp. The fact that Kim Kardashian went there, makes me want to go there less. It sounds very L.A. chic,
overpriced, Kim Kardashian, lattes (laughs) I’ve heard that it’s intense. When like an instructor just screaming at your face and you’re crying, I feel like this is going
I hope it’s not like that To be like (cries). My goal has always been
to get abs at least once in my life by the time
I’m 30. It’s now or never. I’m afraid to take off my shirt people, I slept with somebody, I had my shirt on. You kept the shirt on? I don’t want her to look at my breast and be like, “Yo, we got
the same size” (laughs) I wanna look sexy as (beep). Even the landlord be like,
“You know what, no rent today” I want to take everybody’s clothes at Buzzfeed and wash them on my abs. Go up a flight of stairs
and not be winded. I want that same goal too. Because I’m always thinking if there’s a zombie apocalypse,
I’m not gonna last long. All the guys are gonna
aim for 30 classes total. Hopefully, going with the
other guys will help, as well. That you just feel like it’s
going to be very painful. I’m trying to get that 300 body, you see that Spartan, like, DVD. I wanna kick a motherfucker, doma! (intense string music) I’m about to be Day 1 of
the bootcamp, am I worried? I was in Ireland, drinking Guinness beers. Hi, my name’s Alex Sapot, I’m a senior instructor
at Barry’s Bootcamp. So what’s so great about Barry’s? Combination of the treadmill and the resistance training on the floor. It is fat-burning machine. – [Gadiel] I did the Navy,
I went through actual camp, and this was a lot like it. – [Alex] Half the class is
spent on the treadmills, half the class is spent on the floor. Mondays gonna be arms and abs. It’s raining outside, I
think that’s to symbolize my fat that’s crying. I feel like Chrissy Teigen
gif of her just going like – [Alex] Tuesday, it’ll be butt and legs, Wednesday, chest, back
and a little bit of abs. I’m so sore, I can’t even breathe. – [Alex] Thursdays are core day, and Friday, Saturday
and Sunday is full body. So you’re gonna get a
little bit of everything. I just got home and I could
barely open the front door. I don’t know how I’m gonna type
on my keyboard today. Help! Doing the five times
a week for 30 classes, at first when I agreed to the video, I was like, “Oh yeah, I could do that, I used to work out a lot.” I think I kind of shot myself in the foot. I can’t get any sleep
’cause I’m too worried I’ma miss a class. And also, I can’t socialize
and have a couple drinks because I know I have to get up at 6 a.m. to do this insane workout. Thanks, Barry. I’m not gonna let my thyroid problems stop me from achieving the goal. Like I’m more frustrated that
I let myself go this much. All I’m doing is using this to kick start a healthier lifestyle for me. And if it can help condition my body to not hate cardio so much,
’cause I hate running. Like right now, the only place
I run to is like the restroom It’s gonna be a long 30 days (laughs) I’m over this shit. I’m so done. After the class, everyone’s like, “Hey gang, yeah, high
five, how’s your day?” I’m like, “Go (beep) yourself.” I’m not the type of person that complains Eli seems to be having a really hard time, every morning he texts in the group chat, “Hating life” or “I’m up, Jesus.” I hope he can make it
through the rest of the time. I’m sore guys. Why we
gotta be in shape people? I feel like I gotta motivate
the rest of the guys. I just gonna walk in there
and do it. I’m gonna do it! We have red lights that are super dim, and we call it sexy lighting
when you’re working out, you feel pretty vulnerable at times. The lights make you just
totally forget about everything. Today we did it with Ingrid, she played the whole
Beyonce Lemonade album. And I was like in child’s
pose, trying not to cry. I always just channel
Beyonce and just imagine her singing and like running. I like that the mirror’s
like right in front of the treadmill so you’re
just staring yourself down, this cool red lighting it’s like you’re on stage at a concert. Wipe away the sweat,
you’re like, “(beep) yeah!” I started to drink protein every morning. I used to have asthma in middle school, my lungs just like can’t reach
a certain intensity level. It tastes super good, and it
helps rebuild your muscles. I run for the first three minutes and then my feet started hurting. I got out the gym, showered,
my knee is hurting too. I’m too old for this shit. So I just woke up from a nap and I had a dream that
I was on a treadmill. Guys, I’m tired. I’m get some Tiger Balm and Icy Hot, Bengay, Biofreeze, I don’t
even know what this is, but I’m getting everything. I’m not playing around. I could just save this money and quit. In those 30 days, you’re
gonna get tired that happens, so you gotta take rest
days, it’s important, those two off days, use them, relax. It is Sunday, the day of
rest and I am at Carl’s, Jr. Treat yo-self! I’m going to the movie theaters right now, Barry’s Bootcamp has
been a pain in the ass. I’ma order some motherfucking popcorn, ’cause I earned that shit. They got free popcorn
over here and soda, so. The only thing that tastes
better than skinny is free. That’s right. First emotional obstacle I had, two weeks in, I took a picture,
and I see zero results. Definitely brought me down. Deep down I’ve always had insecurities about how my body looks. I’ve always been the tiny guy in class, I’ve been the tiny guy
in the group of friends. So I start to listening to Kane and Bryan, from Week 2 I start taking
protein shakes after workouts. I actually was really overweight up until I was about 16. I weighed 267 at the most. I remember, you know, being made fun of. I remember it not being easy at all. I’m sticking to this, I gonna make sure that my after picture’s like, “Bam!” I’ve been struggling with my
weight for the past few years Recently, I lost about 30 pounds, now I’m really curious how much
further I can push my body. For the first time, I ran up to nine, which is the fastest I’ve
ever run on a treadmill. I also saw one ab this
morning, right here. If I laugh the right way, you’ll see abs. (laughs) Kind of, right? Definitely results, my arm’s much bigger. I’m really impressed I can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen after. You know when you feel like shorts are, “Oh these are fine,” and then you sit, and your thighs are like (straining). But I put them on and
not only did they fit, there was extra room. This is great guys, this
is really, really great. – [Kane] I’m glad that Eli and Gadiel have been going every day, they are killing it. I’ve always been in
shape, I’ve always had abs somewhere in adulthood I lost it all. I’ll admit I am very
self-conscious of how I look. I wanna kind of have like confidence again where that I feel like I lost. – [Alex] There’s gonna be days where you don’t wanna be here, but that’s the instructor’s for and that’s what the community’s about. It’s pushing through those fatigue points. This is the first workout where I totally didn’t hate my life. And I have Kane and the guys
texting me in the morning, definitely helped. Like I’m already awake, but
I’m just staring at the ceiling like regretting everything, but there’s this brotherhood, that
I didn’t expect doing this. I used to dance a lot,
I used to dance salsa, and bachata and the reason why I stop is I’m self-conscious about
myself, I don’t feel sexy. I know, like, once I lose it,
I’ma feel confident again, I’m feel sexy, and I’ll
feel good about myself. Yeah, man you look slimmer,
you look tighter in the chest, arms look a little bit bigger, you’re standing, your posture’s better. You’re looking dope. If you’re not used to
doing something like that, it’s gonna be tough until it
progressively becomes easy. Oh that shit was deep. I’m extremely devastated,
I have more defined abs, I have muscles in my arms and my back. But for some reason, once
you take the pictures, just like all gone. I’ve kind of hit a slump, all of a sudden, I’ve been craving, really bad food. I stopped seeing progress
in my waist and torso area. ‘Cause every day, I kind of
just justify it to myself. I worked out really hard,
I burned so many calories, yeah, that’s normal to
eat like a giant pizza. I hope I’m not alone in this. Having to make some changes ’cause I think my body’s starting to plateau. We need to keep going up. Whenever our instructor, Ingrid, she says, “abs don’t come free.” And it’s true. So I missed at Barry’s so I
went to my 24 hour fitness gym And just looking at myself in the mirror and doing weights, I am massive. So it’s fucking nuts dude, life changing. I did not look like this beforehand. – [Kane] Everyone was
pretty on top of it today. Eli was sweating, his whole
shirt was just dripping wet. It’s good that Gadiel is
sticking to the workout even though he can’t run, he decided to do floor work the whole time,
and just focus on his abs. So I just found why I
was having shin splints. The instructor told me, my
little Under Armour sneakers are not really running sneakers. So what I’ma do this weekend
is go to the Nike store, buy me some freaking running shoes. I actually woke up sick this
morning with a sore throat. Still not feeling 100%,
but I’m gonna go anyway. Someone like me who hates the treadmill, the hardest I went was like seven, and yet anytime that they
tell me to put a number, I’m like this is crazy
but I do it anyways. L.A. traffic, I went up to 10! I am so proud of myself. Today was my last day
and I can honestly say, I do feel different. When I put on my shirts, I
like the way it looks on me. I have lost 11 pounds since
I have thyroid problems, I highly doubted it in the beginning. I had to do a shoot, which
I had to take off my shirt, “You gonna need me to take off my shirt? I’ll take off my shirt.” And the end of the day, I’m
happy with the results, I see. I’m super happy with the
progress that I’ve made, it was actually my birthday today, and I was at Barry’s this morning. A year ago, I wouldn’t have thought that I’d be working out on my birthday. I didn’t even reach all of my goals, but this is more abs than I’ve
ever had in my whole life. I remember in the beginning of this, I felt like I lost the person that I was. It kind of put me in a depression. I was scared of what the
results were gonna be, but you just keep going every single day. My God, it showed. I love myself again, that
confident guy never left. I was a smoker, I had short breath. This is insane, but I am impressed with the weights that I can carry. Just excited to get to that
body that I wanted to see. For those of you that
feel like you struggle with your weight and it’s up
and down, you’re not alone. I’m not where I want to be body-wise yet, but I’m also not where I used to be and that’s the important thing. I hope this encourages some of you all out there to get on it. – [Bryan] You can see
results if you do the time, it will show. That was probably the most beautiful thing ’cause I thought I was never gonna be happy with myself again. We’re all just trying to take control of our own lives and our own bodies. Truly a moving experience, and I’m, I’m just proud of everybody. Sometimes, you and your
mind puts it’s own limits on what can you accomplish. Next stop is a six-pack, you dig? (upbeat music)

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