What’s inside the Infinity Gauntlet?

What’s inside the Infinity Gauntlet?

(dramatic music) (rattling) – [Lincoln] You’re gonna
run over the finger! Not the finger! (electronic vibrating) – This is Marvel’s
Avengers Infinity Gauntlet. You’ve seen the movie with Thanos when he snapped his finger,
and this did something. I don’t want to give it away,
in case, for some reason, you’re the one person that
hasn’t seen the movie. But, they came out with a toy version. Lincoln’s covering his face, because he hasn’t seen it yet. Go ahead and open your eyes
and check this thing out, Linc. – What in the– It’s huge! (swooshing) (heart beating) (haunting dramatic music) – It’s so big.
(upbeat techno music) – That thing’s huge! – This is it. We wanna unbox this today, see how it works because
it’s suppose to have– – Lights and sounds. – Something with your fingers
might even move in it. And then of course, we
need to take it apart and see if we can get the
Infinity Stones out of there and see how the thing actually works. Today’s video is sponsored by Kano, and we will talk about
the cool Kano Pixel later. But first, let’s open this thing up. I know I brought a knife over. (rattling) – Oh, my. This thing is massive. – [Daniel] (laughing) It’s so big! – Oh my gosh! (upbeat techno music) Compared to like my face,
the hand is my face. – [Daniel] The hand is your face. (rattling) – That’s huge. Huge. Oh my gosh! – (laughing) Look at that! (toy clacking) Oh no. The whole thing’s stuck. (toy clacking) There’s gotta be something in there. – You need batteries. – Uh oh. Okay, maybe we do need batteries, ’cause right now he’s stuck. This is really cool. So, it has all the
Infinity Stones in here. What do they all represent? – Oh, I have no clue. (toy popping) – Oh! – What’d you do? – I pushed this little knob up. Okay, give it a try, Lincoln. (toy clanking) – Oh, that’s hard. I wanna snap my fingers. – I got a very small screwdriver. – Three 1.5 volt AA alkaline
batteries, not included. Is there a single A battery? (bright music) (tapping) (toy rumbling) I did it! (toy clanking) – Oh, and you move the fingers. – Ow, that hurt my forehead. (toy clanking) – I’m not sure that Lincoln is capable of harnessing the power of Thanos. – No! – Let go of the glove! – No! – Get off.
– No! – We’re gonna set this over to the side. We’re gonna take it apart
and see what’s inside of it. But first, we want to take a moment and talk about our
sponsors for today’s video. So, this that you’re seeing on the side is the Kano Pixel kit. We’ve shown you guys three or four of Kano products over
the last year and a half. And this one is pretty cool. You are buying a tool that
you can learn how to code but also have fun. And, everything that you
need comes inside of a box. – Put the tiny buds right here. The joystick which, is the other– – Got it.
– Type of the mode dial. Attach it to the little, yeah that. How do you know that fast? Did you look at it? – Well I mean look at that one, it’s sitting right there. It has 128 pixels. Sixteen million colors. Oh, oh it’s on, it’s on! – It has a built-in microphone. The colors will change
based off of you talking. Hello. – What?
– La, la, la. – What? Hello! – Oh, you had a nice
rainbow at the beginning. It’s interesting that your voice makes different colors than mine. – Yeah. – And this one’s like a
video game controller. There are tons of games on here that you can go through that
are already pre-programmed. – No!
– Ah! You can go on to the computer
and use the Kano World app, and you can create your own games, your own light shows, all using coding. Once you create some fun games, load it into the online Kano World, and so that other people can use yours and also leave their comments about what they think about it. Kano decided to hook you guys up. There’s an Easter special right now. You can get one of these for only $49.99.
(chiming) Now, usually it’s $79.99,
(buzzing) so that’s $30 off.
(swooshing) You can click on the
link in the description. – It’s down there.
– Check it out. And thank you Kano for sponsoring
this part of the video. We are gonna put this glove to the test and destroy it in a fun way. Let’s go. (popping) – Oh.
– Uh! – This is actually a
really comfortable couch. – We are now on a couch at the top of a mountain. – [Lincoln] It’s a
really comfortable couch. – Somebody brought a couch up here and put it on the edge of this cliff. (wind blowing) And this is Simba Rock. (dramatic music) The plan now is to see
how durable this thing is. Bye-bye Infinity Gauntlet. Can Thanos’s glove survive
a fall off a cliff? We’re about to find out. It is windy up here, I’m a little afraid. (wind blowing) (crashing) (upbeat techno music) Okay, now we gotta figure
out how to go get it. That’s where we were a minute ago. We decided to drive
down here, park the car, and then somehow hike back up. I wish I would have thrown it further. I don’t see any rattlesnakes. That’s a good sign. Not yet, at least. Hey, golf ball. A Nike golf ball. They don’t even make these anymore. Oh look, another golf ball right there. Grab that one, too. Another one right here. Hey. – [Lincoln] Man, these guys were terrible at golf.
– [Daniel] Another one right here. Oh boy, this is a cliff right here. (rocks sliding) Lincoln! I found part of it. I found part of the Thanos glove. It’s right here. – [Lincoln] That part popped off? – That’s it, yes. We have found six golf balls and one battery case cover. We’re in the general area. – [Lincoln] Oh! – [Daniel] More golf balls. – [Lincoln] A finger! – [Daniel] What? – I found a finger! So, we’ve got Thanos’s
finger and something else. The GoPro! (cheering) – It’s still rolling! Oh my gosh, that’s a big finger, Thanos. I feel like it would have
gone down a bit more. – [Lincoln] I found it,
I found it, I found it. – [Daniel] What? Way down there? – [Lincoln] Yeah. – [Daniel] There she lies, in the bushes. Take it out and put it on, Lincoln. – Lost one of his fingers. Slow it down. – [Daniel] If you look inside
where you put your hand, you can see there’s some little rings down on the inside. And then it has this bar that goes across, so you can kind of hold it in place. (car door beeping) – [Lincoln] You’re just on top of it. (crunching) (beeping) You’re just sitting there on top of it. What is this? (crunching) (electronic vibrating) – [Daniel] It still works! (crunching) – [Lincoln] You’re gonna
run over the finger. Not the finger! – First question, does it work still? Not quite. No. – [Lincoln] Oh, boy. – Here we go. Let’s get inside of
this thing for real now. (crashing) – [Lincoln] Oh! (laughing) – It is all we needed from the beginning, is a sledge hammer. Here is the inside. This is the main Infinity Stone. The wires that go in and
talk to it are right there. – [Lincoln] That is funny. So notice how. – There’s the Infinity Stone right there. – [Lincoln] Oh my.
– Behind every one of ’em was the motherboard there. (rattling) This little white thing, this is what made the
fingers go down and up. (laughing) That’s where all of
the sound comes out of, and if you look on the other side, there’s a few screws
that hold it into place. But there’s a blue speaker right in there. Kind of a fun thing if
you’re just goofing around and trying to play like you’re one of the
Avengers or something. But, at the heart of it, it’s truly just made of plastic and a few wires and a little tiny speaker. Enjoy the Avengers: Endgame movie. I can’t wait to watch it. – [Lincoln] Yep, same. (electronic vibrating) (screaming) – [Daniel] Okay. – The hand is my face. (knocking) (toy clanking) – [Lincoln] I found a finger!

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