boom hey internets I got a good one from Robert Makka boo hi that's that's very Filipino kamusta car Robert and he's saying why do you suggest having a plain t-shirt um that's in the open market instead of a tailor-made t-shirt by scratch because I want my t-shirt to be my own brand and that is a very fair question so there's a couple things I have to say on this so another question related here's a two-for-one guys another big question asked is what blanks do I prefer and what I suggest so in the business over 15 years owned my own screen printing company for a while everybody uses triple-a or all style 1301 is is this the cut is the style the 1301 is big for action sports it's a good promo shirt you know you'll get it good for a couple washes but for the price it's the price is nice um if I had my own branded stuff like if I was doing a brand right now I would really try to do do most of it on next level I also like optima so check out next level and Optima those are good choices as well decent price points especially for the quality of knit um and so why would I say to choose one of these t-shirt blanks as opposed to developing your own t-shirt and here's the answer is it's a tremendous amount of work to do cut and sew for a t-shirt to do any apparel piece or garment and I I would say that that's like the next level up I would sell a bunch of printable goods where you can do your own custom graphics like t-shirts crewnecks hoodies and then stuff you can embroider like um like snapback caps beanies you know things you can make a label and then and then have them applicate on to the garments and have it try to be creative and customizing it that way and here's why is because you want to test your brand on the market you want to have proof of concept as we like to say you want to see that you have a viable brand that people want to purchase something that you are doing your work in marketing and sales to show that people have a demand for the product now i'm all about having quality of course because I can feel it now like the conversation is well I want a quality shirt on that point I want to say that if these guys live doing t-shirts that's all these companies do they supply the biggest brands in the world that do multi multi millions of dollars worth of transactions in fashion and apparel and decorated goods or you know soft goods so anyone that's going to have that kind of precision in their own business is something that you can trust now for the startups and I would say most of the people on this channel you're going to divide your focus just trying to do development on one item on one category for t-shirts and at the end you're just going to put a print on it or a label or whatever kind of applique or decoration that you're going to put on that and then you're going to sell it you're going to charge more because it's a custom cut knit rightfully so although there's higher knit programs with some of these blank companies and you can veritably chain charge the same amount and putting it on their nicer blank without doing any of the work in production going back and forth with your local cut and sew person or whoever you find to create that knit there's warpage their shrinkage making sure they're cutting on the correct biases like there's a lot of production and production inspection that you need to know that can happen when you're doing bulk manufacturing I mean even if you're making a hundred of them but that versus ordering a hundred shirts and having it come to your door your shop your warehouse whatever I mean in efficiency it's just ten times faster so that is why I would always begin with t-shirt blanks I know a company we service a company or the Union prince services a company and with one t-shirt design they did six thousand pieces once they filled our warehouse with one design that's gold because the prices once you do such a higher volume like that it's going to be cheaper per print and pretty shirt etc etc um and they still barely have a custom t-shirt program but even then I'm like why why do that just order a nicer blank just because those company the price will come out to the same and you'll save yourself all that time energy and work plus with something unique I would spend that time in a unique cutting so piece like a real garment either a button-down shirt or maybe your first jacket you know maybe an accessory something where you can really kind of stand out a little bit more than saying these t-shirt blanks are our own and then that that's they're like oh that's nice but it's a t-shirt it's just a t-shirt at the end of the day those are my thoughts anybody have anything else to add please drop it on the cypher below follow me on instagram when you have a chance i'll see you guys in the next


  1. i cant find a website that sells me pure plain shirts can someone tell me where i can buy them for cheap no brand no logo no tag just the shirt i want like 50

  2. @Jon Phenom I starting up my business and print on Pro Club Comfort's, Do you thing having your own tag/label on the product should be a high priority piece? The Pro Clubs have there own tags that aren't removable so I'm not too sure about this… Should I get another tee that has a removable tag or tee that has a better rep?

  3. I agree with you, but I'm willing to go through the extra hassle and loss in profit for custom shirts. Do you know if it's even a thing to custom make 25 shirts at a time rather than 100+?

  4. Very useful tips as always 🙂

    Consider to talk about outsourcing printing services. I would like to hear from you about it.

  5. What are your thoughts on value vs price on the Next Level 3600 vs 6410. I have never felt a better feeling shirt than the 6410 but everyone seems happy with a 3600 and it's almost a dollar cheaper (where I've looked)

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