Would Any Arsenal Supporter  Wear A Tottenham Shirt For Money?

Would Any Arsenal Supporter Wear A Tottenham Shirt For Money?

is Robbie here now I'm here today for every founder tournament based football bit in app and they've sent me a challenge they've given me some cash cash money right here right and what they've said is they're gonna give me a series of questions but with a twist these are Spurs questions ahead of the North London derby they want me to ask my our fans some Spurs based questions and if the fans get it right they win cash now there's an even bigger twist on it they've given me this I don't even open it yeah I refuse to touch it it's a Spurs shirt and any fan who puts this on they're gonna give a hundred pounds in cash now I'm hoping to God that none of the awesome fans let me down on this I don't think they won't but I'm hoping to good they've done let's see what happens now DTI what some questions here right what year was Spurs founded I couldn't care when they were founded I honestly I don't know either no I really don't know I'm sure I couldn't care less then I know that they were founded in in Middlesex which season these Spurs win the doubling which seasons 60 61 60 61 and I like this though how comes you are since first questions is too much knowledge month well it's the only time we've won a double win it how many Premier League goals did Harry Kane score last season 25 2014 oh that don't know so who was soul Campbell's soul camel Spurs fans guy that we took right who was so Campbell's final Spurs appearance against I have committed no idea I guess Arsenal is actually right wasn't it's awesome I wanna tenements as simple as that can you name two brands that they've had on their shirts whether Thompson and Anu was a well or something that the dev ed Thompson the Volm sunburn Thompson whole Stern was that AWA what whatever that means snowed out new your knowledge is beginning to be a bit too good on are like this how comes you know so much but yeah yeah you're either support stuck them for your brother your support stop them I can't let him off right yeah which Spurs player would you most like to have an assholes team on why Harry gain goalscorer that's it really for me how many permanent managers have Spurs heads since arson Bingle's are pointed I'm gonna go with ten or eleven you know I'm gonna give him because he actually it was eleven so I'll have that I don't like the way you knew that so easily who is Spurs all-time top goals for Jimmy Greaves Jimmy Greaves inside this back when opening yeah I'm not gonna touch what's inside it let me let's have a look odd no chance of my touching that I could just probably lettering that's a Tottenham shirt hey would you put it on four hundred Park no chance no chance I don't need a hundred two hundred no no jobs three hundred no chance I do duty wouldn't let me down there no way no way see what best place for it on the floor good night you got to put it on well I'm the queen for a minute of what he's gonna do you know it's gonna knock you out okay thank God grand nothing – on its entrepreneur's okay all right mate no money's worth my dignity can keep it on the guys over there just said though there'll up it's a 200 still not doing it I know what would you put that on frangipane no I don't want to you say no I don't want to no no no sure I put on the iPod or 300 though so if I were just a free are master food on drew quit yeah they don't go lighter 500 look it that means do you put that on frangipane what now yeah no but I'll find a quick would you put it on fronds real quick no chart make 200 is it no 200 100 no 200 no 200 tilith's men that money I'm getting a bit worried about you even negotiating about but when it comes to money money's different one second he's still negotiating I don't like this maybe I'd repaired put another note when it maybe but they go between you okay but money's money prof you know I'm saying 750 mm now all you gotta do is put out on not sure okay I need a toilet let's go fish I just said a crap don't matter to me they matter to me I'm not struggling that I earn it

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  1. Its not wearing a shirt for £100 its coping with the humiliation and ridicule you will get for the rest of your life and the fact that no other Arsenal fan would truly regard you as one of their own, that's what your £100 is worth

  2. I bought a black Man U away top in memory of the Manchester Arena bomb victims, 22 God bless them♥️Am i disloyal?😆⚽️

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